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Not really sure what i good way too make these would be. ONly idea i had was dwarfs with no beard or hair. Absolutely stumped :o on this anybody got any good ideas?


I’d make sure they have a beard. maybe to make em’ different, long dreadlocks running down there spine.

Kera foehunter:

you could try this Gundini


I used Possessed for my Slayers:

Not a great photo, but you can make out the 2 headed champion (he always survives, holding up entire units on his own, much to the annoyance of my opponents). Mostly the old Chaos Warrior mutant sprues mixed with plastic Miners.

The idea was they had ‘shameful’ mutations and had been exiled. Now they throw themselves at the enemies of the CDs, seeking to redeem themselves in death (or rather they shuffle up the table slowly and angle themselves in an annoying fashion when charged, so the Hammerers can get a flank :)).


do them with shaved heads, a Phantom of the opera half metal mask (kinda like old wwf star The warlord), naked apart from maybe broken manacles/chains and manky with soot.


I am using chaos dwarves for my DOW army and I am making some evil slayer pirates. Here is my test model.

They are made with a marauder shoulder pad mask (this one is from a mold I made), the hands are from pistolers, the torso and arms are from marauders, and the legs are from dwarf miners (I cut their back off and sculpted armor, more of a kilt in this case).

Border Reiver:

I take it that for whatever reason your CD army uses the dwarf list.

Of the two versions I see above, I rather like the take with modified Dwarf slayers and the chaos weapons, for whatever reason the masked ones just don’t do it for me. That and the foam at the mouth of first slayers is absolutely brilliant.


They are all really awesome :cheers . But Keras are closest too what i was thinking of doing might make one out of the bfsp slayer. Im not making them for an army list im just making them for the sake of it lol.


Personally, I have used 3rd edition CD berserkers (and mutated Slayers) that coincide with all of the above suggestions. Mutated, dishonored (heretical) and/or indentured warriors. You have to figure, a treacherous, slave oriented society would have some qualms about killing each other outright (“there numbers are few…”), but little problem co-opting indentured rivals/dissidents into their ranks. It also adds another level to their relativity unexplored social system.

CD citizenry: Land owners, nobles, sorcerers

Indentured CD: Citizens who own no land

Hobgoblins: Indentured slaves (tribes who have been in the ownership for generations)

Everybody else: Slaves…

But I digress.


Hmmm. What would a chaos dwarf have too do too become a slayer do they even become dishonoured for murder and stuff like normal dwarfs they are pretty evil after all.


I too use chaos dwarf 1st-3rd ed and mutants and early dwarf beserkers ,i am currently making snakes for the old giantslayers beard .i just need to get a carad spiketail and a ninja dwarf to finish the unit.I plan to paint the beards green in a mockery of slayers orange beards :hat

Kera foehunter:

its probably a wrong you did to a fellow cd that would make you want to take up a slayer life!!

or a killing of a friend . so you wounder your life in pain hoping some one would kill you to ease the pain of your oath


its probably a wrong you did to a fellow cd that would make you want to take up a slayer life!!
or a killing of a friend . so you wounder your life in pain hoping some one would kill you to ease the pain of your oath

Kera foehunter
I think those who are mutated beyond what is acceptable in Chaos Dwarf society would become the slayers.Poisoned by the waste of Chaos dwarfs demonic industry and a strong taint of chaos they vow revenge on their brothers the traitor dwarfs :hat

Kera foehunter:

traitor dwarf ??? the one that trade for profit like merchant dwarfs


I like the idea of CD getting “slayers” when they are tainted too much of the chaos and got mutations! :slight_smile:

So the old 3rd edition ones fit perfectly in this pattern! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The paint scheme could be very different or you use none! That´s interesting for armies which have a very uniform paint scheme.

Then the “slayers” are real eye catchers! :hat off



Kera those dwarfs are crazy!!! are they foaming at the mouth? thats awesome.

For cd slayers, i’d use normal slayers or yeah mutated 3rd ed CD’s, and basically paint them with a light greenish skin tone, with big black beards and yeah probably dreads and braids and such ( and no pupils of course). Almost like the savage orcs of the chaos dwarfs!


traitor dwarf ??? the one that trade for profit like  merchant dwarfs

Kera foehunter
Yep merchants and bankers one an all of em,hang em from the yardarm or throw them in the furnaces of Zharr Naggrund :hat

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I thought you were looking for an idea to convert Borri Graniteskin into something for CD’s.

Kera foehunter:

great idea ! Canix and we can burn the money too

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Keep the money to buy more Chaos Dwarfs! :smiley: