[Archive] Chaos dwarf Sorcerer


Hmm, guess I never showed it here before.

Painted about ten years ago I think…

Pics a bit cr*ppy as he is less shiny but it has to do.:rolleyes:


i love the maurauder mage, BUT

that model is completly overshadowed by that awesome familiar. That thing at his side is SO cool, I love it:cheers


Lol, I know what you mean minty! I put them together as in my eyes they fit well together.^^


woaw proper marauder mage i am so mr jealous! lol

the familiars are cool too i wish i never sold all mine sometimes

Kera foehunter:

great mage and i like his little friend tooo


Very nice paint job. The subtle gradation of colours is very well done!

Hashut’s Blessing:

The colour palette was chosen well and the blending on the blade and the staff are excellent. Are those little “lava bubbles” on the staff as well?


Thanks for all the nice replies all!:smiley:

@Hashut’s Blessing: they are actually runes carved in the staff.

@Torn: Know what you mean. I had them all once too and had an offer I couldn’t refuse so sold them. Luckily for me I got most of my favourites again through a friend working at GW a good while back.


...Luckily for me I got most of my favourites again through a friend working at GW a good while back.

You lucky son of a gun!


Lovely marauder mage ,He rules:hat


damn, if they were painted ten years ago how good are you know


@Willmark: I do have some doubles so if you are missing one lemme know, I might just have it for you!:cheers

Well, I have improved over the years but for the last three years painting was at a minimum.

This is something I speedpainted for the Amsterdam GW store:

And a wip I had been working on a while back:


Really nice work there, I’ve done something similar to that Nurgle champ I’ll psot a pic in my off topic blog if I get the chance

Kera foehunter:

i like the empier guy . i want to get one of those hammer they are sooo cool.

i like the great job you did on the chaos warrior too


I love the chaos warrior.

I have thrown that head on an archaon body with the nurgle steed. It looks pretty nice.

But yeah, the mage is sweet. The blues go well with that model I think.

I may have to try and acquire one of those mages myself.


Be prepared to splash some cash then mate! :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

THAT’S your speed paint? Wowza. Sorry about the runes… Blurry screen.


Well, I used to be really slow but working a few months at a GW store pushed me to get faster alot.

I also can paint in two styles now. Fast and easy, while getting a decent result, and slow, aiming for pretty high levels.

Uhm, kinda missed it I guess but what blurry runes?



sorry, but if thats decent result than I have to ask you how many golden deamons you own? :o


Not many as I wasn’t allowed to compete, except for in the open and we all know who enters there! :stuck_out_tongue: That, and I’m lazy as hell and have a busy private life so I don’t get much finished.

But seriously, I’m not that good. When you are painting every day you just get the hang of it! If I have to paint like that now I wouldn’t be able to as the last paintjob I did was over 7 months ago…