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Sorry if this post has been done before, I have tried to look for it but no joy. If there already is a thread, would somebody point me in the right direction please.

Basically, I am playing a couple of games soon of Storm of Magic - going to be awesome as we are scrapping the 25% allowance and playing 1500points of army + 1000 points of monsters, meaning the monsters are going to have to fight the monsters as no unit is going to take a dragon down at 1500 points.

What I want to know is, is there anywhere I can get Chaos Dwarf Magic, Lore of Hashut for Storm of Magic - as in the bigger better spells and any advice over what we use for the lore in ascendance spin? Not sure if there is anything official or has anyone made it on here?

Any help you can give me would be most appreciated. Thanks.


I think I read somewhere that the spinning dial thing, Lore of Hashut counts as Lore of Death where it lands.

I can’t remember where or if it’s true though lol.

As far as Cataclysm Spells, I haven’t seen or heard of any.

As Hashut is a bit like a Fire/Death hybrid lore, you could roll to use which Presence, Equilibrium & Dominance Cataclysm spells you use from those lores?

Thommy H:

Nicodemus did some.


Nicodemus did some.

Thommy H
Thanx to both, I shall look into this now.