[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Tavern Diorama Idea

Khelgar Darkflail:

Greetings once more, Fellow followers of Hashut.

Now then, i’ve had this idea of making a diorama of a Chaos dwarf tavern,

(After being ispired by the one made by Tungdil Goldhand from Bugmans Brewery.) with slave “Barmaids” Drunken Chaos Dwarves and Hobgoblins, and one or two Ironskin ogres.

I planned on making the Tavern with one room for the patrons, and a kitchen, where the slaves will be working hard.

However, the backstory of the Chaos Dwarves makes me doubt on my idea a bit…

With Chaos Dwarves beeing -very- different from the original Dwarves, would they even consider “Wasting” Time in a tavern? Or would the dwarven ale passion still run deep in their veins?

Do tell me what -you- think, Oh fellow followers of Hashut, i am interested in -all- of your suggestions, criticism and response.


I think this is a great idea! I can’t imagine Hashut would make them swear off something that would make them even meaner and more angry. but I think a traditional tavern wouldn’t be entertainment enough. Maybe have a little “boxing” ring on one side with onlookers/betters, maybe a slave auction on the other side, sneaky gits stabbing each other in the back, a dead hobgoblin being dragged out…this idea really has a lot of potential! :idea

Khelgar Darkflail:

Altough the boxing ring sounds very, very intruging, i decided that i wanted to make a pub brawl, where one of the patrons had tought that nobody’d notice if he’d grab a keg for himself, ending with a brawl.

So far, however, a few patrons and characters for the tavern has been sculpted, WIP Pictures migth be seen in due time… That is, a very long time, seeing as i am such a lazy git…


I always saw them as drinking some horrible, black spirit out of shot glasses rather than ale. After all, what could possibly appall their dwarf cousins more? :slight_smile:

Will the barman have a blunderbuss under the counter? :cheers

Khelgar Darkflail:

Under the counter? he’ll have it hanging on the wall, showing the damn patrons what’ll happen should they not pay for their drinks!

As for the drinks, well, indeed it will be something dark and horrible, but not in shot glasses, these guys’ll have big, heavy steins, After all, Steins can be used to bash a lazy slave barmaid when the drink’s aren’t comming in swiftly enough ^^


Maybe a tavern terrain piece is in order… that way I can incorporate it into our next Warhammer Quest dungeon crawl… er, pub crawl.  

Pub Crawl- You find a bag of coins with 300 Gold inside! Unfortunately, that bag was attached to the belt of a patron who is much larger and has a much more impressive beard than yourself!  You can either 1) try and make a break for it, 2) offer to buy him a drink with your new-found Gold in the hopes that he’s too drunk to notice, or 3) slash wildly at his beard in the hopes of making it less impressive looking than your own and thereby re-establishing your beard as the best-in-show for tonight’s contest.  

Regardless which option you choose you will have instigated a massive bar brawl, roll 1D6 for each Adventurer in the party who is currently in the tavern.  If a 1 is rolled you are knocked unconscious. When you waken you find yourself in a forgotten alley and all of your possessions, Gold, weapons and armour stolen. If a 2, 3, 4 or 5 is rolled you sustain two black eyes, a fat lip and a broken tusk, but you gave as good as you got and managed to scrape 3D6x10 Gold off the bar floor at the end of the fight (however 30 Gold of what you found was your own). If a 6 is rolled, in your inebriated state you manage to best most of the intoxicated patrons present and send several others running for cover.  One of the beaten drunkards pleads with you not to break his nose as he must meet with the High Priest of Hashut tomorrow and in return for sparing his face he offers you 10 of his best slaves and all of the Gold he has with him (1D6x100 Gold).

Furthermore, if the above roll was 2-6, after the chaos of the brawl has subsided you realize that the the bartender had lifted Blunderbuss from the wall and poured in a noxious concoction of spirits and broken glass, along with Martini the Snotling bar slave for good measure. The barrel is pointed in your general direction and you decide to duck out while the getting is good.  You will not be able to return to the Tavern for 4 weeks.


Khelgar Darkflail:

Now, that did give me ideas for an adventure during my next Dungeons&Dragons Game night, thanks for making an old Dungeon master’s life a bit simpler ^^


This could be an inspiration for you - it’s a diorama from Thomarillion!

Here is the link!


Khelgar Darkflail:

By the great balls of Hashu- Gets smited

However, that is one major source of inspiration right there, Thank you, Zanko.

However, that raises the question of what i’ll make the walls and floor of? After seeing that awesome tavern diorama, i feel like making it underground aswell…