[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Throne of Power


I am proud to present my chaos dwarf themed throne of power.


Why not!!

This is using the original Thorgrim and the vampire counts Mortis Engine

Got to say I had alot of fun putting this together and cant wait to paint it up.









not sure about posting pics atm so they are small but you can click on them to make them bigger (i hope) let me know what you guys think


It looks very interessting, but I think I need to see a painted version for the final verdict. And seeing as post a lot of models, mabey start an army blog on the site where you just put al the models.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

It’s an interesting start. What is it going to be game-wise?

Grimbold Blackhammer


This will be a throne of power. My dwarfs are chaos dwarf style for when I play campaigns and tournaments here since our game store owner will not let me use them in official games, but its pretty much nothing I can think of for chaos dwarf


Sweet ^^


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Time of Madness:

Like it, although I think slaves pulling it would have been neat! ’

Time of Madness