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Kera foehunter:

So with the young chaos dwarf ready to be warriors

do they have a traing camp or is it more like trial by fire they take team to battle and if they live they become a warrior

or do they have a dojo ?? or do they take them out in the desert to train them in a camp of suffering to learn to be warrior

what is your thoughts


I think training camp and then trial by fire, give them a idea of how to work in units and basics of combat then send them out to prove themselves in the fires of battle, and when you come home alive you get your big hat :hat off

Kera foehunter:

so it like a weekend outing ?? I think it be like a training period and them set out to a camp where they are in small group and sent out to kill some hobgoblins and then come back

under supervion because we are carring people


Because CD are so few I would think they would spend a few decades in the barracks learning how to fight, and training to build strength. Or if they had other jobs they would train a day a week or something and fight when needed.

I doubt they would throw CD beardlings into battle without being fully trained.


i agree with grimstonefire. i think that with such few numbers of chaos dwarfs in comparison to other races they would be more careful with their training so as not to lose numbers unecesarily. i reckon there would be fairly major training camps and they would be under the guidance of dwarfs who have proved themselves over the years. as a tangent do we think that they would be grouped into beardling units? or would the beardlings be mixed into units of battle hardened warriors so as to continue the training process? thoughts :hat off


The best place for a beardling to learn the ways of war is next to a longbeard. I imagine they would mix most of the units, but keep some elite regiments only for longbeards and elite troops like immortals.

Beardlings would probably make good scouts, that would be the space marine equivalent wouldn’t it? They are scouts, then tactical marines I think.


I also agree with the others!

The newbies have to learn a decade (or more if needed) to fight in special “schools” and than they have to fight with the experienced ones or have to fullfill minor tasks.

And only after the time of probation the young CDs became real warriors!


black hammer:

i think battle training is a regular part their schooling. so most chaos dwarfs first learned how to wield an axe in thier third grade PE class.

Kera foehunter:

well i think the idea of scouts would be a fair

but as in school all the teaching will not apply untill your in the heat of battle

only when shot at… you will know who would stand to fight and who would run

it does matter who was your teacher is


I’d imagine young chaos dwarves are sent into the arena as a team, to take on a bunch of captives, as their first test of real combat.

Kera foehunter:

well it would be cool to see there first day of shooting the blunderbusses

and the earth shaking canon

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think that it’s possible that they would be made to run the slavepens and quite likely to do what the English did in Medieval times, which is to have target practice every week for 2 hours (they usually did it after church, so maybe have a combat training after worshipping Hashut, but they have to do say 6 or more hours a week). They are also likely to train under their parents when at home and possibly have combat slaves or use slaves to practice fighting and practice fighting multiple opponents etc… For the regimented style of fighting that they are likely to use… Probably have a weekly/monthly practice for each regiment or so…

I was thinking that the younger ones might be given blunerbusses (with those that wished to keep using them/the best/the trainers remaining in the unit/be the champons etc), but they might be the richer members of the society… I’ts likely that they are usually put into already formed regiments as a replenishment style mehtod of training them for actual combat. They are likely to already be used to some fighting etc from mini slave rebelleions and slaves trying to escape…

There will still be elite units, but generally, there will be the survivors from a battle, replenished by the new recruits and they are all expected to fight alongside each other.

Kera foehunter:

Dang H b i see you have been to cd camp a few times


I would think they trained for a couple of decades to become epitomes of the greatest warriors. The lesser classes would take care of the running of Zharr Naggrund, all the warriors would ever know would be worship, training and fighting. In that order, they could be trained in arena’s and occasionally slaughter some slaves :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Hey, what’d you expect? I may be the embodiment of Hashut’s power, but I also trained Rykarth to become the head of the Immortals :wink:


Perhaps something similar to the Agoge that the Spartans used?



Actually, I am not too familiar with the word Chaos Dwarf training camps. Can anybody out there explain it thoroughly? I made a research about it but sad to say I can’t understand it fully… Thanks in advance.


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i like the agoge idea, seems more organized

Kera foehunter:

wow !! i see cd women are not allowerd to post replys about the dwarf traning camp !

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