[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Units for Dragon Rampant: Magma Cannon Added

Pappa Midnight:

I have had the Dragon Rampant rules for a while and I am building a Chaos Dwarf Army using it.

It is a very flexible system which allows you to pretty much create any units you want. The following is a break down of some units I have created and some rationale behind them:

My Leader

X1 Sorcerer Prophet in Chariot:  Reduced Unit Elite Riders + Level-Headed + Wizardling = 10pts

My original concept for the Sorcerer Prophet was a simply to field him as a reduced unit of Elite Foot with the Spell-Caster ability. This would cost 10pts. On the surface a good solid unit but it would lack mobility. The Spell-Caster ability would cost 4pts to use all the available spells but I thought �?oWhat spells would he actually use?�?�

By fielding him as a reduced unit of Elite Riders it immediately gave a boost to mobility at a slight cost of defensive ability and big loss of control ( Wild Charge is not a good idea for a Sorcerer). The Level-Headed ability loses the Wild Charge and gives a better chance to actually move him so seems reasonably fair. By selecting �?oWizardling�?� it grants the use of only 3 spells but does give the ability for him to attack at range. The spell choice of �?oPower Bolt�?� was a given, whilst �?oHeal Thee!�?� is exceptionally handy at restoring lost strength points to friendly units. Lastly �?oDragon�?Ts Breath�?� provides a nice smoke-screen to move fragile units without fear of pesky ranged attacks.

Making him the leader with the �?oCommanding�?� ability was a must to make best use of his mobility to provide support to friendly units.

Another Option is:

X1 Sorcerer Prophet on Great Taurus:  Reduced Unit Elite Riders + Mounted Missiles + Flying = 10pts

A simple option if you want to field a sorcerer mounted on a Great Taurus. It�?Ts still got good hitting power and its ability to fly over units is handy but loses the flexibility of the spells. This is made up for by the �?oMounted Missiles�?� which replicates the Sorcerer using Arcane Bolts or the Great Taurus breathing fire etc. Also with this option you lose the ability to counter-charge, which isn�?Tt so good.


X6 Immortals : Unit of Elite Foot + Mystical Armour = 8pts

Pretty straight forward choice for my Immortals. Good punch with a good defensive ability. The �?oMystical Armour�?� gives them a chance for saving against strength loss.

X12 Warriors: Unit of Heavy Foot = 4pts

Again a pretty easy choice. A nice solid unit which can take a good amount of punishment, their �?oWall of Spears�?� trait (shield wall) is handy for holding objectives.  These are really the core of the army and are cheap enough to take a couple of units.

An option is to add �?oOffensive�?� for 2 points which increases their fighting ability but gets rid of �?oWall of Spears�?�. Ideal for a unit armed with 2handed axes etc.

X12 Harquebusiers: Unit of Heavy Missiles + Weighty Projectiles + Venomous (ranged) = 6pts

These little blighter have really nasty short range punch, although fragile in hand to hand. The �?oWeighty Projectiles�?� does limit their range but making their ranged attacks �?oVenomous�?� enables them to deal out more damage.

Dropping �?oWeighty Projectiles�?� and �?oVenomous�?� is cheaper at 4pts per unit, but I prefer the heavier hitting version.

X3 Bull Centaurs: Reduced Unit of Elite Riders = 6pts

Another simple choice. The reduced model count to 3 just feels right to indicate their power and ferocity.

Some variants of Bellicose Foot ( Berserker types warriors):

X12 Orc Slaves: Unit of Bellicose Foot + Terrifically Shiny Armour + Fearful = 4pts

My idea of slave orcs is a unit of brutes who, although war-like in nature, are still slaves and likely to break and run if overwhelmed. Making them Bellicose Foot gives them that aggression and hitting power, with the �?oTerrifically Shiny Armour�?� greatly increasing their survivability. The addition of �?oFearful�?� may appear a little counter-intuitive but it reduces their chance to rally so they are more likely to flee than be destroyed.

There is a little controversy about the costing for �?oFearful�?� and its actual game impact, but I think it fits well with these.

X1 Siege Giant: Reduced Unit of Bellicose Foot + Terrifically Shiny Armour + Venomous (melee) = 9pts

The Siege Giant is a melee powerhouse courtesy of �?oVenomous�?� ( melee only) although his �?oWild Charge�?� makes him unpredictable. Again the �?oTerrifically Shiny Armour�?� greatly improves his ability to soak up damage. It might be worth adding �?oHatred�?� for 1pt as this means because the Giant already has �?oWild charge�?� it can charge its �?ohated�?� target without an activation roll!

X6 Badger Berserkers: Reduced Unit of Bellicose Foot + Terrifically Shiny Armour = 6pts

Again a simple tweak of �?oBellicose Foot�?� creates a nice aggressive and reasonably tough unit.

Why Bellicose Foot instead of Elite Riders? Well�?�.call me beardy, but I did some math and a Strength 6 Cavalry unit with 4 Armour would go to half Strength after 12 Damage and be destroyed after 24. These little buggers go to half Strength after 18 Damage and are destroyed at 36 Damage. Sure they would probably break well before then but it does make them very resilient.

As you can tell I like �?oTerrifically Shiny Armour�?� and think it�?Ts a must for an effective Bellicose Foot Unit.

A War Engine

X1 Iron Daemon: Reduced Unit of Heavy Riders + Chariot + Mounted Missiles + Venomous (ranged) = 10pts

I was originally going to do this as a reduced unit of Elite Riders with �?oMounted Missiles�?�. That would have cost 8pts but wouldn�?Tt allow me to buy �?ovenomous�?� as it would push the cost over the 10 point limit. By taking Heavy Riders with �?oChariot�?� it gives the same Armour Value as Elite Riders ( and means it can�?Tt cross obstacles or rough ground which is more realistic for a steam engine) and reduces the cost of �?oMounted Missiles�?� to 1pt. This meant I could buy �?oVenomous�?� and still stick to the 10pts max!!!

Hope some of you find this useful. As my army expands I will post some more.




I do find it useful. I have a thought/suggestion on the bull centaurs, depending on your thoughts towards them.

The Bull Centaurs definitely fit the elite riders category and the reduced unit is perfect. What I’ve done is modeled H’thark the Unstoppable and one of each of the classic two-handed wielding BC’s as a unit (“H’thark’s unstoppables!”), while using the other classic ones that wear shields as Heavy Cavalry, also as a reduced model unit.

Looking forward to your thoughts on Hobgoblins.

Pappa Midnight:

I like the idea of using Heavy Riders as a “lesser” unit of BCs

As for the Hobgoblins I’m tempted to field them as light infantry with “offensive” to increase their hitting power. I’m not sure about making them “Fearful”. You could upgrade them to replicate poisoned blades by making them “venomous” but their cost starts mounting up.

Mounted on wolves they would definitely be “Light Riders” as this makes them act like Mongol warriors with their ability to skirmish and evade.

I’ll have a good think about it and see what I come up with.



Pappa Midnight:


In order to field Hobgoblin foot troops I have come up with 3 different ways of representing them, each with its own distinct feel.

X12 Hobgoblins: Light foot + Mixed Weapons + Fearful = 3pts

By fielding them as light foot they have a reasonable close combat ability and a good movement rate. The �?omixed weapons�?� enables them to engage at distance (albeit short range) and the �?ofearful�?� makes them brittle and likely to run when they start taking casualties.  I think this is a pretty good fit for Hobgoblins.

X12 Hobgoblins : Light missiles = 4pts

This is your standard �?oarcher�?� type, able to engage at a good distance but poor in close combat. Unfortunately they aren�?Tt that mobile and feel a little slow to be a good fit for Hobgoblins.

X6 Hobgoblins: Scouts = 2pts

I love the special abilities of scouts, with their �?ohard to target�?� making it impossible to hit them with ranged weapons further than 12�?� away! Their ability to evade combat and to �?oskirmish�?� ( move and fire in any order) makes them perfect for harassing enemy units. Pretty nice unit for 2pts but only have 6 Strength and Armour value of 1 makes them VERY fragile indeed.

I will probably stick with the first option ( light foot + mixed weapons + fearful) but if I fielded them as scouts with �?ovenomous�?� they would make awesome assassins�?��?��?�


X6 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders : Light Riders = 4pts

A bit of a no brainer with these. They are quick and can skirmish and evade. A pretty much perfect fit for Hobgoblins.




After seeing this thread, I went out and got Dragon Rampant. What a great game! I think this might end up as my new go-to game, it is so versatile and adaptable, but can still get a clear mass battle feel.

Thanks for the recommendations on CD unit types. As someone new to this game, these provide a very helpful starting point for exploring the rules.

Pappa Midnight:

Thanks Daith, I’m glad you find my unit builds useful. I haven’t really found anything that you can’t build yet.

I’m currently looking at some artillery to add to the mix.



Pappa Midnight:

For my CD airship  I was looking at:

Reduced Unit Heavy Riders + Chariot + Flying + Wizardling ( Power bolt, Befuddle Thee and Dragon’s Breath spells)

The “chariot” trait increases armour to 4 but says it can’t cross obstacles. The “Flying” overcomes this problem ( did someone say “power gamer”…). “Wizardling” means you can choose 3 spells . Taking “Power Bolt” gives good ranged attacks and leaves two free slots for other spells . “Befuddle Thee” is good to replicate a bombardment as it automatically batters an enemy unit and “Dragons Breath” is a good choice to replicate it creating a smoke screen to protect it from missiles! Quite a handful for 10 points!!!




I’m ever lousy at rules and games, but always like the looks of rules and army list tinkering. And Dragon Rampart looks like a heap of fun in that regard! Thanks for sharing these rules and thoughts behind them, Pappa Midnight!


I didn’t even know this existed, but from what I’ve read I’m totally sold. I wonder why the former WFB community that didn’t transition to AOS hasn’t embraced it…

Pappa Midnight:

Thanks gents. I’m also quite surprised it hasn’t got a bigger following. I find the rules are easy to understand but have enough depth for tactical play. The fact you can pretty much create any unit you want is also very appealing and there are quite a few army lists included which can be used as a base line for your own creations.

I’m still looking at artillery rules and may just “lift” the ones from “Pikeman’s Lament” ( an English Civil War game which uses the same core rules).



Pappa Midnight:

I’ve had a look at various ways to replicate artillery and have decided that “Large” artillery like the Magma Cannon are probably best represented by a “Field Gun” from Pikeman’s Lament.

It has a movement of 0" but requires a movement activation to change facing. The high shoot activation roll ( 8+ ) means that it is pretty well balanced, being powerful but not very reliable. The strength 6 represents the crew and the normal rules apply for reduced damage etc when the crew drop to half strength or less.

It’s expensive at 6 points but that 48" range is massive!