[Archive] Chaos dwarf units in WOC army lists for fun

Mad Dave:

Evening guys

So with all the talk about the new WOC book it reminded me of a small paragraph, i read in the Tamurkan book which says you can either do a great host or the other options, if i’ve read it correctly .

Ive got a game coming up a week Saturday (2500pts) and thought it might be fun to do regular 2000pts WOC plus 500pts Daemon smith and Magma cannon or death shrieker rocket i thought it might be a good laugh to do.

Has anyone tried any of the options listed, and what sort of XP did you have with them. If I’ve mis-read the paragraph totally please correct me


Yes, it fun as long as the opponent is cool with it.

If i were you i would have a sort of attachment, 1 daemonsmith, 20 Infernal Guard and a magma cannon.

You should be able to fit that in and would look kinda cool. set up at one of the sides of the great host .

Mad Dave:

Id love to field the Artillery train of a iron daemon skull cracker upgrade, dreadquake and a magma cannon. i can always dream i guess.


That would cost you 705 pt XD


I look forward to hearing how the game goes.