[Archive] Chaos Dwarf warrior conversion start


Hello all, and sorry I haven’t posted up very much but I’ve been busy painting 3000 points of Empire. Any way I have started working on chaos dwarf warriors but it’s going really slow. Heres what I got so far.



I’m using the new plastic dwarf miners as you can with scall mail gs work thanks to Xanders youtube videos. I’m going of a bit of art I drew for them a while back as what I’m going for their look. Here’s the pic.

In the near future I plan to add hats and masks to this lot, they’ll weild great weapons, and obviously beards will be added. Then I’ll add and additional 10 to them and start work on 20 chaos dwarf warriors with sheilds and two units of 10 with Blumberduses.

C&C are welcome.

balck ork:

good start! i really like the pisture you drew!


Are you making axes to look like your drawing? it looks way cool. Looks promising!!


Good start keep it up!


Whoa, looking good man! Can’t wait for some more. Don’t forget to pay your Electric bill. :wink:


Thats a good start. I love the sketch, though he don’t have much armoury. He would make a fine Berserker IMO


WOW, this is more feed back then I ever get on other forums.

@black ork: Thx man

@Hammerhand: I probably will as soon as I finish sculpting on the beards and mask hats.

@Xander:Thx, but Electric bill?:question:

@clam: True about the armoury but i’m not to shure how I want it to look.

Thx for the feed back, and nice to know that so many people love the sketch.