[Archive] chaos dwarf warrior idea LOTR


you Could you use LOTR khazad guard as cd it may be on the expensive side but it would look pretty cool

or you could use a dwarf lord as a cd lord/hero


I had both ideas a while back (see my avatar pic), but one of the problems we discussed with the LOTR models is that the scale is just a little too small.  They would be short, even by CD standards, but that shouldn’t stop some people from using them imo, give them an evil paint job and they’d be very nice.

Infact if they just scaled them up, gave them curly beards and scale mail instead of chainmail I’d buy them as an army.

Those LOTR models would probably come up to the chin of the dwarf lord :wink:

turquois dwarf:

I did try using the kazad guard and they do look very small. if you dont mind the odd scale though they work realy well.

Border Reiver:

I also play LOTR Dwarfs and the scale is off enough that the army just looks wrong if you have a mix of models.

Grim’s avatar fig is one of the better examples of converting that fig that I have seen, but you could just as easily cutoff the top of the Lord’s helmet and big him a big hat…

Kera foehunter:

maybe there chaos gnomes