[Archive] chaos dwarfs: 2nd best army of italian EURO format

Alan the evil:

Hi all.

Yesterday I was checking out the classifications of italian WH format.

In FIGW site (the official italian WH players site) and I discovered a very interesting thing…

In italy there are 3 different formats for tournaments:

1-Extended: it’s a no limit format with special characters. Because of the absence of official special characters in chaos dwarfs army, noone play a single game with chaos dwarfs in italy… so they are out of classification.

2-Classic: it’s a global limitated format. Every army has got the same limitation. In this format only only kingdom of ogre has got a worst average of chaos dwarfs… but maybe thing gonna change because from this year this format allows alternative list. And tomorrow I’m gonna have my first tournament with the INDY GT list!! I hope to improve the score for our guys!!

3- Euro: This is a format in which there both general and specify limitations for each army. And so I discovered that chaos dwarfs in this format have the second best pt/games average after demon of chaos!!



I hope all the forum gonna hail this great result of our dawi zharr…

I must to point that chaos dwarfs didn’t play many games comparated to other armies (they are the last for games played in eahc format) but we have a great quality in our games!!

I suppose that there are only 2 italian chaos dwarfs players in FIGW official tournaments (bassman…?? do you know who is the other??) but I promise to continue to do my best to raise the glory of CD.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Sounds excellent! I wish GW would have rules like Magic The Gathering where they had Extended, Classic and so on, like you mentioned above.

I wonder how the Itallians do this?

Thommy H:

Tournament organisers set their own rules and regulations. Games Workshop per se are not in the business of arranging competitive gaming events.

Border Reiver:

No they aren’t - at a GW store run tournament they are running at end Feb I have been told taht my CDs are not an eligible army to use as they “do not have an army book currently in print”. This also eliminates my Cult of Ulric and DOW armies from the running. I actually had the manager check with head office to verify that CDs would not be allowed and GW has indeed come back with the response. For the first time I won’t be able to take my CDs - I’ll have to disguise these lads as Dwarfs (I feel dirty) to use them.

Alan the evil:

How is it possible??

If ALL the people decide that a thing it’s true this thing becames the thruth!!

If all the italian players decide to play in the same self ruled league, this league make its own rules…

From 2008 to the end of 2009 FIGW (games workshop italian federation) counts 163 clubs in 18 regions of italy, 3200 signed players and over than 1200 active players in FIGW selfmade classifications, with almost 400 tournaments played in less than 2 years. and these numbers still growing and growing… GW doesn’t recognize this like something official, but thousand of players still play and enjoy.

FIGW manages even the official GW tournaments but this doesn’t forbid to make self managed rulements in the federation…

so give dawi zharr a hope to stand and shine above other races: in italy dawi zharr are here to stay!!

Kera foehunter:

Well i hope this spreds !! Congrades

the movement has started !! great job


I'll have to disguise these lads as Dwarfs (I feel dirty) to use them.
We do what we have to :) You may find you end up loving the Dwarf list - I did.

My local store allows them, but maybe thats unusual.

Good to see CDs are still hanging in there.