[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs Aligned and Undivided


I nearly de-railed the Forgeworld Great Khorgorath thread, so I thought I’d start a new one, Vex & Admiral had some good input on how to make themed Infernal Guard and war machines for each god

heres what I came up with so far out of the x4 weapons choices we have for 8th edition LoA

infernal guard with blunderbusses - Tzeentch - Ornate brass curvy embossed blunderbusses maybe with a few mutations thrown in here and there such as birdheads and tentacles and maybe some egyptiany stuff - color scheme blue & gold (think thousand sons)

infernal guard with shields and heandweapons - Nurgle
Rotten wooden shields, rusty old patina on armour and rusty weapons, stinky smelly poxy nurgle

infernal guard with fireglaives - Slaanesh - cruel sharp elegant perfect metal fireglaive axe blades, dark black leather and plate armor, some crab claws or whips

infernal guard with two handed great weapons - Khorne - red armour, big nasty great weapons to smash skulls with

and then the other stuff - could easily just remain as ‘undivided’ but with slight accents in basing and crew colors etc

magma cannon - tzeentch maybe?
hellcannon - khorne?
deathshrieker - Slaanesh maybe?
Dreadquake - Nurgle
ass cannnon - ???

Bull Centaurs ???

MM90’s - A mix of different aligned dudes in bright feudal armour a-la 80’s oldhammer style

c16s/d3’s - undivided rabble - painted neutral. Although some are clearly nurgle-esque and some very khornate ie beserkers?

This is something I’ve been going over for some time and want to do when I finally start work on my army one day, its a way to tie in together my entire FW & 3rd edition collection into one unified army.


I’d say:

ass cannon - nurgle

Dreadquake - undivided

Bull centaurs… since Hashut has an affinity with Khorne, I’d place them in the Khorne camp.


I'd say:
ass cannon - nurgle
Dreadquake - undivided

Bull centaurs... since Hashut has an affinity with Khorne, I'd place them in the Khorne camp.

sounds good! they are brutal war hungry beasts!

I was just thinking there's room for Hashut too, could keep the Bull Centaurs, taur'ruk and lord on bale taurus as hashut followers maybe, as they all follow a bull aesthetic.


The faithful of the Cult of Hashut will hunt you down for this, heretic. :wink:

Neat plans! I agree with Zuh-Kinie, and keeping one slot for Hashut in the bovine department seem appropriate. You could perhaps make half a Flamer of Tzeentch pop up out of the Magma Cannon’s open furnace top? Do you plan to get hold of AtomTaylor’s ass cannon?

As for 3rd edition rabble: Four A Miniatures have reinforcements should you be on the lookout for them, as do Bederken Dwergs and CP Models. It’s possible Clam might have something of use as well.


I already have a full collection of 3rd ed CD’s, I have a full set of Bederkens too. And 3 asscannons. The only thing I am missing that I kinda want for my 3rd ed’s is the Four A miniature castle tower bighat guy. I def have enough mini’s, just deciding how to pull them all together into the same unified aesthetic is the thing. Basing will be a big part of that too.


The stench of heresy is strong in this thread. Cool ideas though!


This thread gave me an idea, so I took a little break from my Slaanesh army and made a new CD hero. Will make a thread in a bit as not to hijack this one.

Another positive I found with AoS is that you can come up with almost any army you like, like a non-Hashut aligned Chaos Dwarf army :smiley:


Here’s the conversion, real nice and could give some ideas as to how align CDs to the wider Chaos pantheon.