[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs and Squats


A random observation, anyone else find it interesting that several names of things from the Squats have found their way into CD fluff?

Collossus - Kollossus (a landing platform for the Land Train)

Hellfury Cannon - Hellfire Cannon/ Hell Cannon

Earth shaker - Earthshaker (earth shaker I believe was from the 40k basilisk, which probably came before CD?)

Berserkers - Berserkers.

It would be fair to point out that Thunderers, tunnellers and gyrocopters also feature, clearly borrowing ideas from Dwarfs.

Some of the names of things would still be good in a CD context, like the Volcano Cannon or Thunderfire Cannon.

I quite like the idea of a land train as well.

Border Reiver:

The Biker image might be interesting


totally agree Grim… some epic squats were actually some of my first models. never had many though and not the land train sadly!


Loved the squats, it’s a shame they got wiped out. Certainly the blimp and train were awesome.

It’s great to see some of the squats essence live on in the CD’s.


Unfortunately the models are uber expensive, But they mix very well with (chaos)Dwarfs.

Thommy H:

Chaos Dwarfs have berserkers?


They had some rules anyway (wiki link)