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kin slayer:

i’ll start with sorry if this is in the wrong place but its my frist post and its just a quick question for a character am making for my chaos dwarf’s.

Background for him is that he was a dwarf slayer that made his way in to the dark lands to find his doom but hashut has bigger plans for him.

So whlie he’s in the dark lands hashut starts to slowly penetrate the slayer’s mind giving the slayer visions of his shame and of him turning to the worship of hashut, its like a constant re-run in the slayer’s head that he can’t escape and just to drive the slayer that bit more crazy every time the slayer is just about to find his doom hashut intervenes in some way so the slayer lives. untill the slayer ends up that mad that he follows the vision and fall’s to the worship of hashut…

also am trying to find a way to give him two pet wolfs that he would take to battle with him so any help on that would be gr8


Wow, sounds great! sooo… are you looking for 2 wolves? and a model for the slayer? There were some great wolf models kicking around out there… there was a post about this one style/manufacturer that I am picturing… but I can’t think of it right now… (resin models… really detailed… dynamic poses…) for the slayer go with the Avatars of War: http://www.avatars-of-war.com/eng/web/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=14&Itemid=28

kin slayer:

thanks mate i’ll grab one of them slayers like and and thanks for the info i will post my stats for the slayer and his wolfs when i hunt them out coz any feed back on them will be gr8 ive only just started to get in to chaos dwarfs coz my son has a dwarf army and wor kid is in to the slayer army so i have to go for the chaos dwarfs always loved the look of them


interesting story,would be cool to read some more detailed stuff

so,what kind of help do you need?

kin slayer:

well i have some stats for him and the wolves and a bit of the background story for the slayer but i can’t think of a way to say way he would have the wolves with him being drove mad by hashut and when i find my rules for him and the wolves i will put them up just for some feed back and just to know if its is ok that he has pet wolves… i’ll go and hunt the stats and back story out now which i shound have done in the first place lol


the wolfs might be the last survivors of an unit of hobbo wolfriders.the slayer killed all other wolfs and the hobbos in a fight and these two now follow him,cause he is some kind of new alpha male for them(the leader of the pack)

just a quick idea

kin slayer:

thats good that like is it ok if i uesd it in my back story and i’ve fond me rules for him so i’ll post them on hear when i type it up

kin slayer:

Azram the lost

m ws bs s t w i a ld

3 6 3 4 5 3 5 4 10

Azram the lost, two axes that have been bless by a high priest of hashut

diven so mad by hashut azram now belives that the dwarfs of the worlds edge mountains are twisted chaos worshipers so when fighting his former kin in close combat azram’s axes gives him +2 to his strength

his axes still have the rune of fury which adds +1 to his attack (added that to his start profile)

azram is is followed by to wolves (names am thinking kain and able) how this came about no one knows but azram has so close a bond with them that they would give up there lifes to save his because of this if Azram is struck will a killing blow and his wolves are with him one of them will take the blow for him (so the wolf would be killed insted of azram but azram would be droped to 1w both wolves can give there lifes for his)

Azram can pick an enemy model for his wolves to hunt if he sets his wolves to hunt they will move to the enemy model untill that enemy has been killed they will then return to Azram (if Azram is killed and his wolves are still on the hunt they will stop the hunt and move strate to were Azram’s body fell from there they will attack any model friend or foe that come’s with in 6 insh’s of Azrams body)

Azram’s wolves (kain and able)

m ws bs s t w i a ld

8 4 0 3 4 2 3 2 2

wolves rules are anything i said about them above and if they are sent on the hunt they most stick together

points Azram and his wolves = 177

if any one would like to add anything plzz do, all feed back good are bad are more then welcome i will add there back story tomorow or may be later hope peaple like it thanks


some cool special rules

i really like the rule that the wolfs defend azrams dead body,nice touch

kin slayer:

Thanks mate

I’ve just started to add to the back story of why he has the wolves. In short at about the midd way in point of his travels in the darklands when Azram is starting to lose his grip on whats his visions and what is reality a magical strom hits the area of the darklands he is in (Hashut again). He finds his way in to a cave for shelter were he is set upon by a wolf. Azram believing this is just a new nightmere he kills the wolf. Then he spots the two wolf cubs hidden in the corner. Realizing this was not a vision and his gilt raising his mind slips back to his gr8 shame…(which i will be revealing when i write the hole back story up). So he makes a second vow that he will care for the two cub as if they were his own. So as he becomes more twisted the wolves follow along with him because of them seeing him as a pack leader.