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Greetings my dark brethren!

I’m a Dwarf player,not Chaos Dwarfs…just Dwarfs.Some might know me from Bugman’s Brewery. I’m a big fan of Chaos Dwarfs, very cool fluff, great army. Just too hard for me to either buy or convert. I just wanted to stop in and say there are fantastic conversions on this site.(Xander,Grimstonefire,and others) You guys are a good bunch.

I truly hope you guys get the recognition you deserve in the Nemesis Crown campaign and a NEW army book and figures in the near future. That would be an army I would certainly pick up.


Blood Axe

Lord Zarkov:

Hello, Thanks, & Welcome to the Forum


Hashut’s Blessing:

Thanks for the support. Would you be able to mention the CD in your Nemesis Crown campaign fluff?

The Flying Beaver:

Thank you, I love me too. :hat off

Welcome to the forum BLOOD AXE. You don’t need to be a CD player to enjoy the dark stunties, so I hope you enjoy your time at Chaos Dwarf Online. If you feel like it, I suggest you check out and/or edit our wiki. It’s a great way to be involved with the CD community without playing.


Welcome to the forum, may your beard turn black and curly


Welcome Blood Axe! Have a drink, and sacrifice a slave or two on me. To the glory of Hashut! :cheers