[Archive] Chaos dwarfs are invading the Oakville bunker! (Related to Xander's Post)


Hello All:

Yesterday I went to the Oakville bunker (Canadian HQ) Not only to participate in the wizard battle but to see the WIP chaos dwarfs that Xander had told us all about

Thought I did not have a chaos dwarf of my own to participate with, (My green stuff dissapeared!) I did see none other than a Chaos dwarf Sorcerer on a Lammasu! It turns out that it was done by Tyler, the same red shirt who was behind the ones in the display case

Anyway, the pictures were also posted the live coverage section so here they are:

Here is the link to the full page, notice that CDs got thier own score!



Cool, manticore body, new wizard parts and maurauder parts, might steal the idea for the sorcerer (i’m rather atached to my manticore)

anyway, CD won, though i’m signed up as chaos i hope O&G win so CD’s get more publicity

The Flying Beaver:

Interesting Lammasu conversion. I like it.


Thanks for this! DId you get a chance to speak with Tyler?


Love the conversion.By the way my CD sorcerer lord did not die and I killed 5 people.


I didnt get a chance to talk to him-I was a little too busy bringing down comets on my foes to slip out of the battle


note that at one point in that report they spelled Sorcerer “Sorcer” :slight_smile: love the Lamassu, must remember that idea… :idea but im annoyed that Canada has so much more interesting special events than Australia, ours are just ordinary battles with stories behind them really, ah well, must be that Chaos DWarf influence making everyone over there more imaginative :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

That’s really something! I wish we did things like that over here in Britain. As of yet, we have had minimal NC support!

Now if we could only get our own spot on the campagin roster …

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Heresy, they misspelled Lammasu! :mad


my mistake


aah, so you were the empire guy who was a bit too commet happy!

Hmm. seems I cant remember your nay… so much people, but your brother cal brought his goblin shaman that teamed up with the rest of the guys and owned?

The best part had to be when the miscast let everyone on the table cast a spell. Hilarious.

and you can see part of my badly painted doombull there! ( painted it that morning :D). woot!