[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs as Warriors of Chaos? (warning long)

Viskar Zhragoth:

Hey gang, I was just wondering. I know lots of us play Chaos Dwarfs as Chaos Dwarfs, but that sometimes we play as Dwarfs in tourneys (especially since GW GTs don’t allow our army anymore…boooooo!)

But after reading the WoC book, I was thinking that it would be easy and cool to use your Chaos Dwarfs as Chaos Warriors and stuff.


Orcs or Hobgoblin units=Chaos Marauders

Sneaky gits= Marauders with 2 hw

Chaos Dwarfs=Chaos Warriors

Hobgoblins= Chaos Marauders

Bull Centaurs=Chaos Knights

Black Orcs=Chaos Chosen (for size and weapon choices)

Just wolves as Chaos Warhounds



Taurus rider as Lord on Jugger



Now I’m working on my first unit right now…but as far as a gamable list, I think I might try to fit it into this type of thing instead of Dwarfs (the tourney I’m making the army for has not decided on Chaos Dwarfs yet (and they are part of GW’s tourney circuit). I’m worried about getting the coolest army on earth done and then they tell me I can’t play it, and at this point, I’d rather not fall back on one of my other armies. Not exactly happy with having to embrace Chaos (since I think we have already proven we can trap and overpower daemons…:cheers)

This whole thing might mean I have to make a few extra minis to be able to field both “types” of armies, (like an extra unit of Bull Centaurs?) But what do you guys think…anybody else thinking this or am I crazy?

Any input…??? Criticisms…??? Helpful Ideas…???

And please keep in mind I want to bring the minis to a tourney. who knows they might let me play them as Chaos Dwarfs after all.


Do some search of the whole forum as I dont have the links handy but several options have been discussed


The real problem is that you are going to have to re-base ALL of your warriors… and bye bye all ballistics besides the hell cannon


Don’t forget the Kollossus as a Giant :slight_smile:

And Warshrines could be interesting…

Viskar Zhragoth:

Yes, Braggnor, I have been playing around with this, mainly because of a tourney I am entering where they do not allow CDs. And I took dwarves last year (before I came to my senses and came to CDO! :wink:

Yep, Warshrines could be several things (slave markets, prison wagons, shrines to hashut on the backs of slaves…) but I am thinking of a CD Juggernaut, and I liked Willmark’s so much, that I think it is the only way I can go…

Also, Chetralfara, yep, all guns gone (except Hellcannon) but it plays differently. After I have it al done I can just make some blunderbusses, BTs, etc. And then I’ll probably have 3000 pts done. And I am basing my cds on 20 mm magnetic bases, then using 25 mm bases as the bottoms as my “army bases” basically they stack, 25s on the bottom, 20’s on the top, with a magnet holding them together…and the extra room is letting me do some interesting lava/rock bases… And after that tourney, I can then just pop them out and presto, based right for the CD army that I can take to other tourneys!


ohh man, this is what i’m talkin about! I’m doing the same thing with my WoC… If I make a conversion thread. I’ll post the link right here.

I’m glad to see other people doing this, i thought I was the only one. I want to mix Chaos dwarfs in with my warriors. Like the 3rd edition armies where all things chaos are one. So, yeah, I’ll be back soon with more


These movement trays are great as they allow you to convert from 20mm to 25 mm without having to do anything to your minis

Base 1 Conversion Trays from Battlezone Miniatures - Battlezone Miniatures


I have actually been trying to do my own trays - but that’s not worth it. Thx. Ubertechie for posting the links - I owe you some slaves :wink:


Don’t know about that Clam, they aren’t that tough after all. Looking at my dusty blog, all of the trays I made pretty quickly.