[Archive] Chaos dwarfs axes

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I think they’d be simular to Chaos axes. I doubt that they’d be magical weapons though.


Yes i think that they would, the basic CD warrior will more than likely have a standard steel axe, and the higher up you go the better weapon you can afford, so a command group might have a axe with runes on it and certainly an immortal or a hero would have a axe with a daemon bound in to it


I agree with loki. Although you would think the Bull Centaur would have access to an arsenal of Magic weapons.

All my CDs are going to have thier weapons painted to look magic. Even though it isnt in the rules. The higher the rank the narlier the weapon will look.


The majority of the Dwarf army (good guys) do have at least one minor rune on thier weapons and armour according to some fluff i remember reading awhile back just to make things alittle more effective.

So you would think that most Chaos Dwarfs would do a similar thing with daemon weapons but game wise neither race has basic troops wielding them. I guess it must be to keep it simple.


Magical (cursed) blades was actually something I considered for an army wide rule.

My feeling though is that the average CD warrior might have runes on them for decoration, but they would not have any magical power.  Mundane iron weapons in evil shapes.

I feel that daemon bound weapons should be quite rare.

That’s not to say that doing a CD army with magical weapons would not look cool, you can do whatever you want with your own troops.

Border Reiver:

Sometimes the rune or daemonic face on the blade is just decoration…