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Kera foehunter:

Well like the other dwarf do chaos dwarf beards come in other colors than black .Do they have cult like (slayers) that die there hair a diffrent colorto set them apart from mere chaos dwarfs??


People seem to cite a section that says that the beards are sometimes blue in hue. But I am not sure what book says this. If someone has a citation for this, that would be appreciated. :slight_smile:


More like that in the Big Hat era 'eavy Metal teams painted them with blue highlights to give them some contrast.


my chaos dwarves have blue beards because it contrasts and sticks out from the orange and grey and steel colors that the rest of the model is. i think they look sharp.

not to mention…kera, your theme is pirates. pirates are nothing if not individualistic.


I went off the deep end with my final beard colour, at least on one unit, and given them fiery orange beards. Although it has been pointed out that the colour resembles regular dwarves too much, I think that was mostly due to the other colours on the model, now that they are all decked out in blood red armour and bronze metal, they look a lot more CD-ish. Not as much as the regular colour schemes, but I think they are striking.


My Chaos Dwarfs, seen here, have fiery/ginger beards, so I figure you can do any beard colour you like!

Kera foehunter:

Slave for khan. those are great . but im thinking mabe diry blonde being out in the sun on ships


i do mine with the bluey black beards, but the blue is only a very very light tinge, like the blue-black hair dye you can get which mostly just looks black. i think its because id rather not use grey highlighting. plus i put some blue on the banners etc to tie in all the colours.


It’s your hobby, do whatever the hell you want

Ghrask Dragh:

I’ve gone with all sorts of colours!

So far I have red, blue, black, grey, purple and orange!


My chaos dwarfs have red beards because I have red hair.

I would guess that caring for one’s beard would be tricky from all the soot from the volcanoes, working at the forges, and all the fumes from the tar pits; especially if your beard is not black. So the closer your chaos dwarfs live near tar pits and volcanoes, the more chance of them having black beards due to dyeing from pollutants. This all speculation of course.


I would be curious to see if anyone does an army with greys/ browns and black. Its hard to think outside of black for beards as this is how they are most often shown. Grey would be good as I doubt a Chaos Dwarf would dye it black just for vanity.

Black highlighted with red could be interesting.

On the slayer cult thing the closest would be Chaos Dwarf Berserkers, but that’s just however you want to picture them as there isn’t anything official.

Black blended through to bright red could be cool for a berserkers hair.

Kera foehunter:

Thanks guys ! a lot of cool ideas

Agpo i thought it’s all are hobbys

Hashut’s Blessing:

So far, I have a very miniscule amount that have blue-black beards, a fair few with grey beards, a very few number with black beards and most have varying shades of brown (beastial, scorched and graveyard earth) which have sometimes (but not often) been inked black, brown or chestnut. I think one of my vrewman (whom started life as a normal dwarf) even has desert yellow as a blonde colouring…


Well, Chaos Dwarfs are still Dwarfs, so presumably they can have the same hair colour as non-Chaotic Dwarfs.

And since they are chaotic they can probably justify having any other hair colour you might fancy as well.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I forgot, one even has a scab red beard!


try catachan green, looks good when highlighted


Are we thinking that technically the Chaos Dwarfs have evolved into a different racial group to the Western Dwarfs?

If so it might make sense that they have a tendancy to have black beards, much like they have tusks :slight_smile:


I’m planning to make them brown


I really like the black w/ blue hue beards. That has always been my fave hair color. Now, I just need to learn to paint it without it looking somewhat ‘neon’.

I’ve seen the orange beards and the greys, and they look pretty sweet on Chaos Dwarfs, too.