[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs Comic Project?

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

I have been recently reading up on my comics and graphic novels, when an idea struck me. We got some talented artists on this site, so could we in theory make a chaos dwarfs comic.

Not a long and hard one, just maybe a simple one with a panel or something I don’t know. It really depends on how dedicated or how much work people are willing to put into it.

I am not going to organize this project as I suck at organizing. But, I will lay down some advice and will help anyone who is willing to put time and effort into this.

We would need the following:

Someone good at drawing, not perfect, but enough to be good. (my drawing skills suck) A team of drawers could work as well, each one working on a panel or something.

A writer team: Someone who decides on the main plot and characters and such. (I am pretty good with this stuff)

A project designer.

Does anyone want to contribute to this project, it could be a cool monthly or every two months comic book. I think it would be fun and cool if you ask me.

Although it really comes down to the members and support it gets…


I’d sit tight on this one, you never know what the future may hold (walks away whistling)…


I’m guessing Baggronor might have something to this? :wink:

I almost PM’ed him once to ask if he would be interested in doing such a project…


All good things to those who wait… :slight_smile:

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

All good things to those who wait... :)

:cheers Well back to sitting and waiting.


All will be revealed :cheers

Time of Madness:

Should we keep our eyes peeled for something in the Webzine :wink:

Time of Madness


That would be a wise plan.


I’ve always thought a nice stop-motion “red vs blue-esque” movie would be funny… but Willmark likes to pique our interest, so I will wait.

with a beer.




I’d be up for helping in some sort of Red vs Blue thing.

Does my little Civ story thing count for keeping people’s interest for now? (Updates tonight).