[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs for sale(3)


Hey guys,

I sold all my chaos dwarfs a while back but when clearing out the garage I found some I had forgotten about.

Open to offers for these,

12 x Plastic Chaos Dwarfs painted

7 x Plastic Chaos Dwarfs still on sprue and 4 shields on sprue in original box

There were originally 8 in the box, if I ever manage to find the missing dwarf and 4 shields, I will gladly send it on.

As I said, I am open to offers.


I would be open to trades but the only things I am after at the moment are flagellants and Halfling models.



Nobody? Wow, I thought somebody would want them.


Could use 7 of their hats. But really wouldn’t pay much. Would just use pins otherwise.

I won’t make an offer as I have no idea of value. You’re welcome a price for 7 to me.