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The Flying Beaver:

Hey guys. I’m hoping to start my first 40k army sometime in the near future, and I was thinking about doing a chaos dwarf themed Lost and the Damned army (using Hobgrots in place of traitors and Chaos Dwarfs in place of chaos space marines). It’s very fitting- lost of tanks, some with bound daemons, tough troops low in number screened by hordes of cheap infantry, iron golems in place of obliterators, hell, the basilisk fires ‘earthshaker’ shells! It’s a perfect fit.

The question is, how do I go about making these things look chaos dwarfy? How would I convert chaos dwarfs for 40k (note that I hate the look of power armour)? What could I do to tanks like the basilisk, defiler and hellhound? Also, since they’re the only thing I have, what could I do with sentinels?


Hashut’s Chosen did an Iron Warriors army made mostly of Astragoth conversions, that might give you some ideas. Not sure if her website is still around and I can’t find it at the moment.

The Flying Beaver:

Anyone else with ideas? I’m particularily interested in how to convert sentinels to be Chaos Dwarfy, as I already own 3.


Do a web search for the 1000 Squats, one of the most fun armies I’ve seen on the web in a long time.




That should help :slight_smile:


Hehe, cool army. :slight_smile:


You might be able to find some ‘squat’ models (futuristic dwarfs) from a company somewhere and convert them?��I did have some links somewhere, but that was ages ago.

That would be the easiest way IMO.

To actually convert some IMO space marines/ chaos space marines would be the easiest…��Failing that maybe Cadians?

The way their jackets go it could be possible to shorten the legs?��Maybe use dwarf arms, or convert the actual ones.��As to the head, would you want beards?

An idea I always wanted to try was Chaos Terminator helmets (as they look real grumpy and evil).

Another idea I had a few days ago.��Use plastic terminator bodies with marine legs and arms.��For dwarf like ones, something like the 2 bottom left here:



Chaos Squat Berserker Terminators is still a project very high on my list :slight_smile:

The Flying Beaver:

Here’s one of Hashut’s Chosen’s works:


What are the arms from TFB?

The Flying Beaver:

Some sort of Chaos Space Marine unit, I’m not entirely sure.

Lord Zarkov:

The’re from the either the CSM Havoks or Iron Warriors box; I’m not sure which though