[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs in Civilization III (mod)


Downloaded the mod, and the last time I looked at it was when I was pretty much a VC player back in 6E.

So far pretty cool. A lot of work went into the animations for the leaderheads! The slann one just blew me away in how good it was.

So for my first game I’m, of course, playing Chaos Dwarfs.

I chose my opponents to pretty much be the main armies out there


Dark Elves

Wood Elves

High Elves


Sylvania (Von Carstein VC)

Lahmia (Lahmian VC)

Reikland (Empire)



Hordes of Chaos


Slann (Lizardmen)


Goblins (yes, they are separate)

Continents medium sized.

If people want I could create a story thread!


Awesome! I used to love CivIII (and Civ II for that matter). Some more screenshots of units etc would be great if poss! Maybe you could even use map creator to model the warhammer world…


I’d be shocked if there wasn’t a Warhammer map already.

I loaded it up, as said above and I’m kicking some serious tail!

My immediate neighbors were the Dwarfs, Skaven, and the Goblins. I have since conquered the Dwarfs, and have conquered quite a bit of the Skaven. It’s safe to say I am doing well, and am quite powerful.

I admit I am playing on the lowest difficulty for my first game while I get a feel for “What is going on”.


so, Bugmans was originaly made by chaos dwarfs?:stuck_out_tongue:


Well it is effectively a “Wonder of the World”. In the main game of Civ III anyone can build them, here some are restricted bit. Still, it allows some alternative history. In the main game I often play the Romans (my favorite civ), and I frequently build the Great Wall and the Pyramids for example.


Currently in the game I have conquered: Dwarfs, Skaven, Goblins, and the Empire.

The High Elves were in a narrow peninsula and have half their land to the Lizardmen.

Empire was 2nd strongest, but I conquered the bulk of their land, with other civilizations picking on the edges.

The Brets and Sylvania are quite strong, though I got most of the world to beat up on Sylvania for a while weakening them quite a bit… which allowed me to take some of what Sylvania had taken in the Empire. Civs keep resigning alliances against Sylvania, so they’ll be constantly attacked and therefore contained. I also got most civs to declare war on the Brets. This should exhaust a lot of the forces I have to worry about while I build up my conquests in the former Empire.

The depth of the mod is staggering. It is a lot more enjoyable than the main game even if I wasn’t into Warhammer… and that’s saying quite a bit, as Civ III is perhaps my favorite PC game (with only TIE fighter coming close).

I’m having a blast and I will either play Sylvania, Skaven, or the Empire next.

I’m predicting either a cultural or artifact win. What’s the artifact win? It’s what replaces the space race. You have to “find” (build) 10 different artifacts before everyone else. I have 6, and am working on the 7th.

It’s exciting!


I may have to get Civ III and try out the mod. I’ve played it’s “successor” Alpha Centauri, but never got the Civ games.

Looks awesome.


Where can I find this mod?

Do you have a link?