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Hey there! A former Chaos Dwarfs player here.

Over at Warseer, I kicked off a community project to convert Warhammer armies to the War of the Ring system, with the goal of creating a fast-playing, but strategic and very characterful mass battle system for Warhammer minis. Those of you who play WOTR know what I’m talking about.

The game is also an opportunity to bring to life many of the lost but not forgotten special characters of yore, like Zhatan the Black and Astragoth, as well as whatever legendary units there may be. Finally, it’s simply a way to play a different game with the same Dawi-Zharr we love.

There is no rebasing involved, simply movement trays (similar to the old grey plastic cavalry trays).

I’m the project coordinator and I am in charge of overall balancing and making sure that all armies are comparable. I wrote up the main rules draft and design notes for list builders, as well as the first army list to serve up as an example to others - that list being Orcs and Goblins.

However, this is where the community comes in. I’ve selected all the premier army-specific websites (you know them, The Round Table, Druchii.net etc.) and ask them to help me out in designing the army list for their army! I hope for someone to be interested and take charge, and he could talk about the army list design together with you (and me, of course).

So, the Chaos Dwarfs are in need of a designer. Someone who thinks designing such lists could be fun (I certainly do, there’s just so bloody many of them!) and would want to be part of a community project.

I have included design notes and guidelines involved in the translation of Warhammer units and heroes to WOTR, and you can look at the Orcs list and the WOTR rulebook for examples. Then the army list would be discussed over here finalized for play.

So check out what I’ve done and see if you like it. And if you want to help design another army list, by all means, please do! Whoever wants to help, can, not just someone one the specific army’s forum.

The docs are located as attachment in the first post of This thread

Time of Madness:

I’m not a big fan of the WOTR system. However you might be excited to know that 8th edition warhammer is borrowing some ideas from WOTR.

WOTR is too limited in my opinion. So anything that adds to the game (such as new races etc) can only make it better.

I’m sure you’ll find someone here that will take on the tast.

Time of Madness

Hashut’s Blessing:

I shall have a look at the project, but you may as well assume that (with some constant reminding) I will get to work on the Chaos Dwarves :smiley:

EDIT: I’ve read through the guidelines and it generally looks pretty good and solid. A few things though…

“Lone” Monster bases have no problem as they currently are. We already know that monsters are only in combat with one company per formation at a time :wink:

Maybe change it so that your leader gains Inspiring Leader? If he already has it, upgrade it somehow (I forget exactly what it does and don’t have the book to hand), such as +1C like Gandalf the White or allow a re-roll of a Courage test? It may need to be toned down so that one unit may get the +1C or re-roll instead.

The one Mastery Level 3+ character could be quite restrictive, so maybe 1 of those per 2,000 points? (3,000 points is another idea because of the way WotR works.)

Regarding the Monster Mounts, does that M stand for Might?

Fortunes and Fates: you will need to make people consider what is useable and maybe look at the way the ones in the new Battlehosts book are like (since they are army specifc).

Related to the above point: will there be battlehost additions do you think?

With Monster Hordes, do they retain Hard to Kill! and if so, so all attacks target one monster at a time? Maybe have them just count as cavalry (like Wargs, Broodling Swarms, Giant Spiders and the like) as it would likely be easier and makes more sense…

Skirmishers: That’s a LOT of reading for them. I didn’t read it all as I doubt, other than maybe the Gits, I will include any. However, bear in mind that the length of those rules can put people off. I would say either have the companies slightly separated OR have 4 (although 6 may be better) to a base though. They should get some sort of bonus against shooting as well, such as -1 accuracy bonus or no accuracy bonus (although penalties still apply).

Magic: Just take each spell and convert it into a WotR format (a bit like Dwarf Anvil of Doom stuff, the “Power of the Ancients” being a roll of 6). If miscasts are necessary, which they may not be, then have the roll of a 1 to cast or to focus (probably on the focus roll) be the detrimental thing.

Not sure if spears need special rules, but it may be good. However, if they have these rules it must only affect the front because pikes only affect the front and so do shields. Consistency is a key feature here.

Halberds: I think if they were basically the same as Axemen of Lossarnach (but spears rules not pikes), then it would be right.

Handgun: Not sure if S5 is wise as that is VERY powerful. Try S4, but with a better range then crossbows OR no long range strength reduction.

Pistols: Maybe just throwing weapons at S4 and give you a S4 in combat (unless you have better strength, of course), maybe just first round, probably just in all.

Afraid of (X): I think that this would be an army rule (since I think it only applies to Goblins towards Elves), so keep it in the army book, not the updated rulebook.

Hatred sounds very good to me, although I’m not sure why it can’t just be the same as in Fantasy? Re-rolls to hit. And/or have them get +1 to the dice roll on the charge distance (to a maximum of 6). That way, they will only faulter if out of range and they are more likely to get a 6 to charge.

Terror: Simply reword it as “Negates the effects of Terror” at the end of the original wording.

Epic Speed: This is the same as Legolas’ special ability, so maybe say “As Legolas’ ability named X”. Maybe rename it to Epic Assault.

Duels: Why change the rules for this? Maybe the only change necessary (or even WITH the one you’ve made) is to characters be able to deny a challenge, which involves a courage test, maybe might?

2 Attacks/additional hand weapons etc are mentioned in the rulebook as giving a better fight, hence Corsairs having F4. An option for additional hand weapons at 5 points giving +1F would be nice. Essentially glaives.

Monsters getting stat boosts and hard to kill! tables: Make sure these all remain at R2 as all of the others are. Extremely/ridiculously hard to kill tables need to be drafted individually, but shouldn’t be too difficult to work out :wink:

Overall, excellent job though! I am very eager to get started whilst I wait to record CDR, just wanted to check through some of those first :smiley: