[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs (LoA) vs Empire


Post your tactics and advice here.


Another of my most common opponents, I have been playing against The Empire for roughly 16 years both with Orcs and Goblins and Dwarfs, he generally runs an Aggressive Empire Combined Arms list (will try and work out what he runs and maybe post it up here) with no Demigryph Knights as he hates the models and has not found something that he likes to look of (so far)

It´s hard to think up of real game winning tactics to be honest. Usually it´s just a really intense slog

I generally fight quiet defensive at the start of the games and kill as much as possible before hand to hand as The Empire has a good punch on the first round of combat, after that the CD superior WS, Armour and T should carry the day once the attrition stage is met. Firstly it´s important to get your match-ups right. For instance, his Greatswords kill my GW Warriors because they both had great weapons and strike Simultaneously. I switched to Hand Weapons, Shield and Razor Banner for extra durability (will try Blunderbusses next game). They strike before the GS, hit on a 3 and wound on a 3. The GS hit on a 4, wound on a 3 but you will have a save and a parry. Probability alone says you should beat them if you have a 20 to 25 strong unit. Give them stubborn as well.

Against the halberdiers I use a bus unit of about 30 Hobgoblins, again with HW/S. These are basically just to tie them down. If they survive the 1st round, they are very unlikely to break and again the longer the fight goes on the more chance your superior saves (and Parry!) should prevail.

Warrior priests. My mate uses one in almost every unit. Kill them as quickly as possible before they get to use hatred or else whittle the unit down to where hatred isn´t an issue or attempt to dispel the Prayer. Remember, only rank and file troops benefit from the priests hatred, not characters in the unit.

With the knights, direct all artillery at them until they are so weakened that it doesn´t matter if they have hatred or not. Empire artillery usually blows up anyway so you can take a chance and ignore it. You should also target the buff wagons especially the one that gives +1 to hit to units in range.

Other quick notes

1) The first wound on a steam tank is critical. As after 1 wound, it misfires 1/3 of the time. So make sure you smack it ASAP.

2) Stay more than 24" from the Hellblaster. No need to waste resources on it if it can never hit anything. :smiley:

3) Panic checks and march blocking can be particularly effective. Their leadership, especially on units away from command, is pretty bad.

4) If he is taken, Kill Karl Franz before he gets into combat. Karl is a beast, but can go down to Warmachine and Bow fire. Keep your characters away from him, he will easily kill them outright.

5) Empire Players that I face tend to try and push through a multitude of Hexes and Buff from their Wizards, Priests and Buff Wagons, learn the spell that most benefits his force (lore of light and Prayers of Sigmar) and prioritise your dispel attempts. Also Chalice does help this out nicely as it reduces the amount of Buffs that he can push out.