[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs (LoA) vs Orcs & Goblins


Post your tactics and advice here.


I always loose this match up…


Orcs and Goblins is pretty vague. My main opponent is night goblins, so my comments will only represent fighting goblins. The main thing I suppose is that you will always be outnumbered, not just with troops, but with spellcasters and heroes as well. Killing the general out of a big unit could really help, deathrockets are great for causing panics to start.

Night goblin fanatics, if you move just into 8", you might pull them out without being hit, as the average roll is 7". Once they are out they are actually just as much of a pain for the goblin player, more so because d6 s5 armour piercing isnt too bad against infernal guard. Archers can be pretty much ignored as their ballistic skill is pretty rubbish with a short range of only 9".

My main issue is winning combat resolution. You will kill goblins in combat and not suffer a lot back but combat resolution is hard. Full command helps here keeping your units in the fight.


I tried to get some advice here before my first battle but as not so much was in here I write some lines about my experiences.
I will write about some typical points of the o + g and how to counter them from my point of view:
- fanatics and chain squigs: Very dangerous for some of our big models. Best to sacrifice some of the wolf riders or hobgobos through moving into them/in 8" range.
- mass of deployment: Dont try to counter this, deploy like you planned and dont care too much about him. But deploy the kdaii and the BC last if you field them. The +1 on first turn hopefully leads to an additional shooting phase.<br>- <strong>chariots and war machines</strong>: Try to get the bc to finish them up. For the war machines maybe some wolf riders are efficient but probably you wont have any spare.
- trolls: Try do deploy the kdaii against them, ideal matchup. (edit: Try at every price that they dont get into combat simultaneously with the savage orcs against one target!) Flame banner? Only if you know the o+g general fields very much trolls. Magma cannon will also work wonders, but you need your war machines for
- the savage orc mob: With 3 or 4 characters in this is a serious threat. Frenzy, add. hw, 5+ save, mostly a magic resistance banner or obsidian. Best choice is to hammer them down with war machines/ bows and then attack the decimated mob with your main unit and a strong single model from the flank. But seldom this will work because the orc general is smarter than he looks and will block the k`daii or you won´t have enough hits before close combat.
So second option is to slow the mob with hobgoblins but probably this will not work 6 turns if the terrain does not help ;-).
Probably it comes down to a mixture between the two options.
- Magic: Orc magic is strong and goblin magic at least nasty. Be careful that your troops get not stomped by the orc gods and that the savage orcs get not rerolls.
Nuff said.


Well I figure that as a seasoned Orcs and Goblins player I would write a little here,

End Times - Grimgor, Incarnate of Beasts

Comes with an Innate Bound Spell (power 6) that increases the Strength and Toughness of all units within inspiring presence range by 1 (not Grimgor Himself thankfully), his profile also has +1 S, T, W, A then his non End Time’s self and still has the 1+/5++ save and the army must include a unit of “Da Immortulz” (Black Orcs with +1WS). I can most likely see this unit taken in a unit of 23-24 and used for Mop Up Duties as per usual for Grimgor.

Competitive Play - OnG armies in Tournaments always depress me as they have gathered the name of “Green Dwarfs” a gunline with a variety of Chaff and “that” unit of SOBU with Shaman, Lucky Shrunken Head and MR Talisman to give the unit a 5++ and blitz units that weather the incoming fire from across the table. Lore of Death works wonders due to the Low Initiative of the Troops and also the fact that the issues usually disappear once the “Key Features” are removed these are the BSB and the Army General, essentially remove the Leadership Boost and the Re Roll ability and the OnG Player will have difficulty in forming a cohesive battle line as his forces are more likely to become unruly in the absence of these two models. Also anything that forces Panic Checks would be a good include if you are tailoring your lists to face a OnG opponent and target the Orcs. If the Orcs panic then the goblins panic and you can quiet easily route a large section of the battle line. Also Templates are a great way of dealing with this army as the units are usually clustered around the BSB and General as the army has issues with Low Leadership (Goblins) and Stupidity (Trolls) so you are more or less guaranteed to hit something when firing