[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs (LoA) vs Tomb Kings


Post your tactics and advice here.


The Tomb Kings Army has two weaknesses, the first is that they cannot march unless the Lore of Nehekhara’s signature spell is cast on the unit, dispelling this severely limits the armies movement capabilities and “even” Chaos Dwarfs can outpace their units when marching.

The second weakness is that they require the Heirophant (Lore of Nehekhara Caster) to be alive or they start to crumble, targeting the Heirophant early is a decent tactic, they’re flammable although most take the Dragonbane Gem for the 2++ to fire so much the same tactic of Death Sniping or using Warmachines to reduce the Heiro’s unit to a point where they don’t have the LOS save is a viable option, please note that any Lore of Nehekhara spell raises D3+1 models when successfully cast so bear in mind which units are the targets of spells as these models can quickly negate any damage that you have inflicted on the unit also be aware of a player Spamming Lore of Nehekhara casters as they are likely to be playing the War of Attrition game.

Other then that they’re an Undead army so are liable to Crumbling when combats are not going their way, if able to do so try and present a lovely target for a unit of Necropolis Knights/Other Constructs into combat with some Skeleton Warriors as the crumble from combat will affect all combatants.

Finally bear in mind that Tomb Kings and Tomb Princes are effectively used in the TK army as buffs for the units that they are placed in (raising the WS of the unit to 5 or 6 by means of “My Will Be Done”) take these models out (and taking hits from the Final Curse) will make the units much more manageable, also please note that MWBD does not give WS10 if the Tomb King/Prince is armed with Fencer’s Blades!! Do not let the TK player play the rule this way it is “Unmodified WS” as per FAQ


Additionally, the Lore of Hashut attribute gives our direct damage, and magic missiles +D3 to their casting values when targeting one or more models that are flammable. Never forget this.

Never forget screaming skull catapults are flaming.

Tomb Guard hordes with a Necrotect are a very powerful unit( in my area they allow tomb kings to march now as if they were undead legions) and it is difficult to bring down to a manageable size due to Tomb King spells healing them back up. However, the K’daii destroyer can literally charge this horded unit in the face and just rampage through the entire unit. Against a 40 strong horde (with hatred, and no augments or hexes on either unit) you will take on average 1.5 wounds. You will then in turn kill about 11 Tomb Guard, and crumble more. Now I am not advocating for you to do fly a K’daii destroyer face first into the Tomb Kings horde, but if you had to do it, it is not a bad place for him.

Now moving onto the morghast archai, and harbringers. They are monsterous skirmishing infantry who hover (so cant march but fly charge 3d6) In a unit of 2, these guys are an extremely powerful flanking unit with ws5, toughness 5, 4+ armor, with high strength and killing blow. Never let your heroes come into base to base contact, since we have no protection against killing blow besides a lucky ward save. In a unit of 4, morghasts become a true combat unit and will demolish infernal guard with shields and fireglaives with relative ease. To kill this unit from afar you have to either hit them with magic missiles, direct damage spells, or rocket rounds. Using the irondemon is not wise because you are hitting on 6s due to them being skirmishing, and then you would need to roll high to do the obligatory 4 wounds. You can kill them in combat, I have had the best luck with Infernal Guard armed with great weapons with breath of hatred. Or a unit of 5 Centaurs with a Taur’ruk all armed with greatweapons will dispatch that unit.

Lastly, the tomb stalkers are an extremely high threat unit to our back line. They pop up anywhere on the battlefield on turn 2 (if they roll it). They then get to move and then shoot the turn they arrive. Each tomb stalker gets an artillery die worth of shots, that auto hit. They then roll against your initiative to wound you. So they are wounding all of units on a 5+ with no armor saves. They will reliably kill either one warmachine or demonsmith per turn after they arrive. Luckily, they are extremely easy to kill, so long as you dont let them get right behind your warmachines.