[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs (LoA) vs Vampire Counts


Post your tactics and advice here.


We should be able to gunline them out and deny their magic through Chalice, but all my ingame experience suggests otherwise. I can’t fathom how the vampires win in eight edition, but they seem to do quite well


The killing power of the Vampire Counts army is in the Vampire Lords who are easily able (when kitted out correctly) to scythe through Rank and File troops. The rest of the army (with a few exceptions) are really there to provide the Vampires with a unit to hide in until they reach combat. You want to take out the characters as soon as possible, the issues here is that the unit in which the Vampire Lord/s are residing will often have a champion who will accept challenges on the vampire’s behalf to allow the Vampire to kill the Rank and File troops and overcome the Overkill in the Challenge.

Mostly you will see a Vampire Lord (or most likely two now) in amongst a Black Knight bus, with Barding and the Banner of Swiftness,

Ranged damage to reduce the unit to a point where the Vampire Lord is unable to gain a LOS save is probably the best bet of dealing with this unit bear in mind however that the Vampire Count can gain back wounds with the Lore of Vampire Lore Attribute as well as in Close Combat thanks to their special rules.

If the Vampire player is running a Black Knight Bus he is also likely running some other Swift Threats to tie down Warmachines and BS Shooting in the form of Vargheists and to a lesser extent Varghulfs. Although these units hit hard they are a Glass Cannon and cannot take the hits back, for example the Vargheists have 3 T4 wound with no save or regeneration to protect them, the stronger Varghulfs are tougher with 4 T5 wounds and a regeneration save but are subject to Frenzy (and do not have a flank or rear for working out combat res - I know this the hard way).

Once the General is dead you then want to focus on any other Character (other Vampire Lords, Counts or Necromancer) with the Lore of Vampires as this character/s is then holding the army together and reducing the crumble of his units.

The other issue that I see a lot is dealing with Terrorgheists, you do not need to kill this to render it ineffective but simple reduce its wounds so that it’s scream is not as strong (although killing it gets you VP’s) you maybe in a situation where you need to deal with something else rather then taking the last two wounds from the T’Bat


I would try and tarpit the blender lord with a big block of naked hobbos or stubborn BC. the vc player always considers tarpitting with zombies as they are cheapest units in the game , but their (ws sucks!) so do it back to them.