[Archive] chaos dwarfs, magic or combat army?

puppet gathering:

i am wondering what what most people think about chaos dwarfs are they more combat orientated or more magic?


I reckon they are generally a balanced mix.

Frankly, with a Ld 10 general and the crazy amount of slaves you can bring, I think they can be a terrifying combat army when used well. But theres simply no reason to not take a solid magic phase, as it will augment the abilities of your other units (fire magic to help war machines with shooting, shadow magic to aid movement, metal for more specialised tasks etc).

Even a lone Sorcerer Lord with some scrolls is efficient, as he gives good magic defence, a decent shot at a big spell each turn and a Ld10 general.


After 2000 points i take 2 lvl 2 srocs a bsb and a chaos dwarf lord or sorc lord :stuck_out_tongue: i find this thends to be pretty balanced in magic and fighty. i also base my armies around to big mainstay units which are usaulally 2 blocks of 20 warriors with handweapon and shield and to supporting units of 10 dwarfs with great weapons



our magic is very support, as is every army except for tzeetch deamons, and you cannot say an army is magic, particularly one with only one attack lore and no magic buffs.