[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs MSU Yeah or Nah?


So i have only played 6 battles as the the Chaos Dwarfs and find that i prefer to utilize the MSU (many small units) style of play with them. Generally, i play 3-4 units of 10-12 models generally equipped with fireglaives or blunderbusses. I like missile happy armies and find that the MSU style allows me to build some Chaos Dwarf Ziggarauts (analogous to dwarf castles) that downright break my opponents before combat even starts.

It seems this is against the norm in terms of sound Chaos Dwarf strategy. I find the MSU tactic to be great as i have yet to loose a game while utilizing it, though i often wonder if it is because of the lists my opponent uses and chance favoring me rather than actually playing a sound list.

I guess what i am wondering is what do the distinguished gentlefolks of this forum think about the feasibility of the MSU style of play and what if any experience any of you have had utilizing it.


Are you using a new list.


I find it hard to believe it would hold up against competitive builds, especially with M3 troops. I may be utterly wrong though.

I have only used small units with any real success with my DEs but that’s kinda their specialty.

What do you use? And what do your opponents use?

Hashut’s Blessing:

For Infernal Guard, I find hordes work best. For Hobbos, I find minimum-mid-sized units work best. I find that IG get creamed if there aren’t enough of them because they are so points heavy with the equipment I like them to have.


I’d never run IG in units of less then 40 or 20 with BB’s, but im far from a Veteran CD player, so who knows the MSU may work.


Building up my own force to be msu as I type this (well kinda). Gonna try it next weekend for the first time against lizardmen, will have to proxy alot since I havent even started building my fireborn yet, but all in time =P

Have seen regular dwarfs do well with msu, instead of their slayers we got fireborn, Bullcentaurs for miners and actually have some quick monsters if we want em. So in theory it should work, also I live in sweden so even if it is a bad idea the comp here should alove me to avoid the worst powerbuilds out there.


10 IG with fireglavies are good flank blockers, I run 2 in 2000pt, But normal IG go in big units.


10 IG with fireglavies are good flank blockers, I run 2 in 2000pt, But normal IG go in big units.

I do this also as support units flank blockers/flankers. Works very very well