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Welcome to the Chaos Dwarfs Online Forum! Please read the rules below.

Table of Contents:
Forum Rules
Making Moulds and Casts @CDO
Using the Report Function
What to use the Market Reputation system for

Know the Staff:
CDO Administrators:
Swiss Dictator

CDO Moderators:
Hashut’s Blessing

* If there are any important questions regarding your account, please direct it towards an Administrator.

* Site suggestions should be made here.

* Any questions about forum rules should be directed towards one of the Staff.

Forum Rules:
Please take time to read the following and observe them, continual failure to do so might involve warnings being issued by the Staff.

* Be polite to others, flaming, rudeness, swearing, SHOUTING and causing nuisance or offense is not tolerated. Obscenity, derogatory terms and racial abuse will also not be tolerated. This applies to people’s avatars too.

* Spam of any kind is not tolerated. If it’s your first post and its spam we will assume you are a spam bot and your account will be locked/ deleted. If you feel hard done by just re-register and make your first few posts things that could not be taken as spam.

* Check out this thread for more examples of what constitutes Trolling, Flaming and Spamming.

* Advertising or trading of any miniatures is only allowed in The Market Place. Advertising for anything other than wargaming miniatures or wargame hobby related products will result in the threads being locked.

* Single Ebay links are allowed (it’s up to the individual whether they choose to buy anything), but not relentless advertising of Ebay shops.

* Please respect the Staff and your fellow members by only posting in English so we can all understand.

* Advertising the copying or mould making of original models (for the purposes of mass production) or written/printed material would be in breach of somebody’s Intellectual Property Rights and/ or Copyrights and so is not advised. Any such threads may be locked or deleted.

* If you see a post you wish to report for offensive or inappropriate content, use the Report Post button:

* As they inevitably get heated and are inappropriate for a game forum, we’ve decided that threads/ commentary about politics and religion are not allowed on CDO and will be locked by the Staff

* Banned members will not be allowed to create multiple or duplicate accounts (e.g. Grimstonefire2, or using a completely new name). We will know. :wink:

This is a very important point, because anyone who creates a multiple account during a temporary ban period will be permanently banned. We are deadly serious about this, so don’t even try.

Signatures and Avatars:

* Signatures and Avatars may not contain offensive words or images.

Forum Etiquette:
The CDO Forum is a place where people can relax and chat about all things Chaos Dwarf. There are several things members can to do try and keep the forum running smoothly.

* If a topic has not had any replies for at least a month then let it slowly slide down the page. Generally it’s not a good idea to dredge up old topics unless you have something new to add.

* Resist the urge to flame! If you feel a topic has escalated to the point of continuing arguments to no happy end then don’t keep arguing! Try and get the thread back on topic or ignore it. Persistent arguing to no useful end will probably result in the thread being locked anyway.

* Don’t use excessive txt spk or other shorthand ways of writing. It’s hard to read and is completely unnecessary.

* Use punctuation.

* Avoid making the vast majority of your posts one-liners, especially the sort that add very little constructively. Continually doing this will probably get you banned.

Using your Account:
You can access your account by going to User CP on the main list at the top. Here you can change your settings and your public avatar/ signature.

The Marketplace disclaimer:
Please be advised that Chaos Dwarfs Online will not accept any responsibility for any kind of losses or grievances associated with transaction(s) connected to this forum.
All transactions are conducted at the sole risk of the participants in the transaction.

Warning System:
The staff do have a warning system for persistent rule breaking on this forum that may eventually lead to banning, hopefully you will never have to find out what it is.

Members with a warning outstanding are not eligible for any of the CDO Community Awards.

Changes to the Rules:
The rules of the site are subject to change without notification. Please try to make sure you are familiar with the current rules of the site.

Casting and Mould Making @ CDO:

Seeing as how there are increasing numbers of us here on CDO taking the plunge and casting various bits, I thought it was time to re-clarify our stance.

Because of legal issues we cannot endorse or advertise the sale of models that either include cast parts, or are whole copies of copyrighted materials. This applies not only to GW models, but to all mini producers.

Any such threads that advertise the sale of, or requests of such models will be locked very quickly. If discussion arises within any thread on the sale of cast models (that infringe copyright/ IP) the posts may be edited and/ or have the threads locked. Persistent offenders will be warned.

What is acceptable:

  • Asking for information on, or links to casts of original models. This means models that have been produced without the casting of any copyright materials. Also includes asking for models sold with the right of production.
  • Asking how you would go about making moulds and/ or casting generally, as long as they are not with the specific intention of recasting copyright models for sale.
  • Casting of relatively small components FOR YOUR OWN USE that are not for sale. GW has always said in its IP/ legal section that unlike most companies they have to be a little more accepting in this regard. So as long as you don’t sell them (or advertise to) taking greenstuff mould relief�?Ts or resin casts is fine.

What is not acceptable:
  • Selling or advertising the sale of models or moulds that are casts of anything YOU don’t own the Copyrights/ Intellectual Property rights to. This includes posting links to places that sell such models if they are not your own.
  • Although not nearly as strict as the one above, it would not be advisable to show how you recast your entire army (from models you don’t own the Copyrights/ Intellectual Property rights to) much as it may be fun, even if they’re not for sale. So if you plan to do such things, you shouldn’t really make a massive deal of it on the forums. Better to let people assume that you’ve just bought them really cheap :wink:

I hope you all understand that by stating this the Staff are not trying to be unduly mean, we are simply trying to protect ourselves from any unnecessary troubles in the future, especially as GW staff may browse here from time to time.
How To Use The Report Thread Function:

Since CDO was created I think there have only been about 7 people who have used this function of the forum so far, and it is a valuable tool for people to help bring the attention of the Staff to anything that is concerning them.

Where is this button?
The button is located at the bottom right of each and every post. When you click on it a message box pops up asking you to give a reason for reporting the post.

What if I don’t want to give a reason?
I understand that on some threads people want to stay well clear publicly of trouble, this is perfectly understandable. But if you are concerned about something you have to contact the Staff, we aren’t psychic (much as it would be useful…). So if you want to stay quiet publicly, but contact us privately you can. We will keep your concerns strictly private.

If you don’t want to give an in depth reason why you want to report that post, that’s up to you, but in case it’s not entirely obvious what you are concerned about it would really help the Staff to know.

You have to type at least one character, so if you don’t want to give a reason just type ‘report’ or something.

Is it anonymous?
No, it’s not. So if you do this at least we know who to contact about something!

What should I use this function for?
We request that people use this function appropriately for the following:
  • Any threads or posts you believe are encouraging unnecessary arguing that is getting out of hand, or against a friendly community spirit.
  • A clear breach of any of the forum rules.

This gives us as Mods a heads up on threads to keep an eye on, a way to keep track of the number of people concerned about something and if there are any common problems. With the massive number of posts each month, and CDO rapidly expanding this would be a big help to the staff.

What should I not use this function for?
  • Posts that are only mildly insulting or controversial. We have to be realistic about this, these things just happen on a forum, and to thought police our members to a ridiculous extent would help nobody. If people take great offence, or are posting in a way that is actually breaching a forum rule (like trolling or flaming), then obviously this is worth reporting. So please decide whether something actually requires staff involvement before reporting.
  • Posts or threads that are going off topic. Asking a thread to be made on topic is not something we as Staff should have to do. We may feel we should, but people are equally capable of doing this themselves. If it is spamming or in the wrong section then report it.
  • Reporting members for inappropriate use of the pm system. Contact a Staff member directly.

What will the Staff do?
Whoever spots the reported post will have to use their discretion about how best to deal with it. Sometimes this may mean they just reply appropriately in the thread. It may mean simply moving or locking a thread. If the situation requires it they may contact the reporter, or whoever posted the thing being reported.

So put simply, we will look at the posts you point us to, but we will always do what we believe is the most appropriate response, even if the reporter wouldn’t agree.

Please make use of this function. For the reasons stated it’s useful on so many levels.

What to use the Market Reputation system for:
The Market Rep of a user is located under a member’s Avatar pic.

This is only to be used for giving feedback on transactions you have had with that person; buying, selling or trading with them through the Market Place.

It is not to be used for giving feedback on whether you like or dislike that person. If you like something they’ve done you can donate a slave or two. If you dislike something they’ve said or their attitude etc either discuss with that member (perhaps privately), discuss it with staff, or if the situation demands it report a thread.


Thanks for your cooperation,
- The Staff



Adding on to this: further thoughts can be found here on the stance of the Staff on the Marketplace as well as “ownership” of posts here on CDO.