[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs Outta Goblins


Hello everyone :hat off

I’ve decided to explain how i convert my chaos dwarfs outta bfsp goblins and give them a distinctly mongolian theme…

Here it goes…

What you will need for the warriors:

Bfsp goblin spearmen, any will do!

loads of green stuff

a few extra weapons (i like marauder weapons my self)

goblin wolfrider head

(the one with the mongolian hat)(i cast this one because i use alot)

Step 1.

Cut off hood up too eyes of goblin. Cut off spear bottem(if able) and top.

Step 2.

Cut the hat of the wolfrider head. Place it on the new dwarf.

Step 3.

file off moom symbol on shield or put a bit of greenstuff over it.

Step 4.

put axe head, sword, mace ect where spear top used to be

Step 5.

Roll a ball of green stuff and stick it to his thin belly. smear it until it looks about right and voila a fat stomach!

Step 6.

roll up a couple thin sausages of green stuff(i usually make 3 or 4), and indent little lines on them (as usual :P)

Step 7.

Make a small mustash out of green stuff!

Step 8.

Put the sasauges just over his chin in a line.

Step 9.

Put mustash right under nose.

Step 10. (the tricky part!)

He needs him some armour…

Make five rectangles out of greenstuff…

put three indented lines across each of them…

Also put a small hole on the end of each…

(think bamboo samurai armour :D)

Step 11.

Put 2 of the rectangles on each of his shoulders

Step 12.

Put 2 of the rectangles covering each thigh

Step 13.

Finally put the last one covering his but!

I will put one up for my blunderbusses too

Also pictures of this process will be up this evening when i am home

Kera foehunter:

Need pictures !!love to see your work


Jepp, Im curious too… :slight_smile:


This intrigues me i am looking forward to seeing how these look, pics soon please :slight_smile:


I got a pretty good snap of the banner bearer and i’ll try some more when my camera recharges!

he follows the steps above without the weapon swap… And he has a wolf rider symbol(with the grand symbol of hashut of course!)


Theres the front


interesting to see what can be done with some effort and creativity. Never really would have considered that conversion on my own… very intrigueing - gratz on a seemingly unique use of gobbos.


Works pretty well, although with the amount of greenstuff used I wonder if it might be easier to sculpt your own from scratch and then cast it, rather than do several units that way.


Please take some W.I.P. pictures. Especially with the parts used and parts culled… (in otherwords, show us what you cut to get what you used on the models… ) show the plastic and modeling clays too… etc…


nice one

cool idea,a completely new way to create cd

i have to agree with tht:wip pics please


Interesting way of doing it, basically using the goblin as an armature.

Kera foehunter:

that cool !! what a cool idea thanks for posting the figure


Seems like an awful lot of work, why not just use a dwarf model?