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From warseer via This_Is_My_boomstick!!

(relates to FW conversation at GD Germany)

Quote “I also brought up the topic of Chaos Dwarfs, and they said straight away that there are some things planned with Fantasy, but in a different way. GW will create a sister company that is specialized in Fantasy and will hire new designers for that task. So don’t expect Forge World to do much in Fantasy as the designers there are 40k-fans and will produce accordingly.”

Earlier tidbits from GD Baltimore seem to point at the fact that Chaos Dwarfs are high priority, but that may have changed with the new plans of a separate division.
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From Hashut’s Blessing:

I was at my local GW yesterday and the store manager told me that Chaos Dwarfs were coming out next year. They would definitely be a Forgeworld army, not a Citadel one. They will be made under the soon to be founded Forgeworld Fantasy (created because Forgeworld weren’t listening to GW telling them to make more Fantasy stuff), which will be headed (although maybe just heavily involving) Rick Priestly.

He stated them all as facts, not as whispers that he was hearing or anything.
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From… me:

Having reviewed what is suitable for me to say, based on what I was told, I have decided to post everything that I discussed at the FW open day.

There was nothing for WHFB on show, however, the guys there were much more open about projects that they are working on than I had quite anticipated�?�

Firstly, bear in mind that some of this is only us musing on things, not necessarily that it is what they will do. I have clearly separated this, as it was only a general conversation. Infact, take everything posted here with the required amount of salt, as it is only rumours at this stage.

Secondly, this is all information that was discussed at the FW open day, with the information coming from FW staff. It is not me wishlisting, or cobbling together information from any other source.

Thirdly, after reading this I feel people will have a much better idea of the timescale of Chaos Dwarf releases; what they are likely to get and when. I take no responsibility at all for the accuracy of these rumours, people have to make their own judgements about what they choose to spend money on.

Here is a summary of what we discussed:

O The division may be called Warhammer Forge, but he wasn�?Tt entirely sure on that.

O He did say that there should be some WF models for sale this year (don�?Tt hold me to this guys ;))

O He agreed the Imperial Armour style books would be appropriate for their Warhammer releases. He also mentioned as a passing comment, specifically as part of this conversation on Warhammer IA, the �?~chaos books�?T�?� Incase anyone missed that, it is bookS, plural, themed on �?~Chaos�?T. Sorry if this gets someone in trouble�?�

O They would not introduce Chaos Dwarfs initially as a full race, rather that they would be phased in.

O The important thing I noted was that he did mention Chaos Dwarf units being done (no units were mentioned in particular, just collectively). Please bear in mind this may have only been him saying they could be done.

General musing:

O We talked about the Bull centaurs and how they could be very characterful, which he agreed with

O Masks and scale armour, and his opinion was that they were essentially part of their character, and that although there was not a lot of room for creativity in masks, there was still a lot that they could do.

O He also agreed (as has every FW person I�?Tve talked to) that the Kollossus would be ideal for them. He said earlier that people play fantasy, but they really want big monsters as they are an important and fun part of the game (or something like that), so it would fit into that aspect I guess.


My feeling, based on what was discussed with the FW guy is that if they are releasing multiple Imperial Armour style chaos books, they will presumably be themed ones somehow (how would people normally theme chaos things I wonder�?�?). With the CD providing units & war machines, possibly forming a book on their own at some point when there is a large enough range to form a whole army.
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Chaos Dwarfs will have some models as part of the first Warhammer Forge book; Tamurkhan - The Throne of Chaos:


Release Date:

Possibly some models before christmas.  The book is expected around February/March, with a possibility of the 2nd book around September 2010.

Harry on Warseer

Initially this guy who spreads west through the lands of the Chaos Dwarves and the Ogre Kingdoms. Finally pitching up in the Empire.

This is not written as an unbroken narrative but rather as a selection of scenes or encounters, parts of the story which give the background for the battles.

Spread over more than 40 chapters he will follow the fortunes of the key characters. He follows the fortunes of TamurKhan for a bit then leaves him hanging whilst following the fortunes of one of his lieutenants for example or spotlighting events elsewhere in the warhammer world which have a bearing on the tale, before returning to the main characters again. All sumptiously illustrated with fine artworks and wonderful maps showing the routes followed by the main protagonists so we can place the events in the warhammer world as the story unfolds.

the first book features the expansion of Nurgle into the West. This will be followed by the expansion of Tzeentch into the south, Slaanesh into the East and Khorne into the North.

I think we can only begin to imagine what happens when all four points of the Chaos star are in place.
From warseer
Lots of stunning detail, narrative and he (Rick) expects it to go on for at least the next 6 years or so, with around 2 books a year if all goes to plan.
More (rumoured) info:
i was told that one of the land train carriages will be a platform for a regiment of CD blunderbuss and that they will be released separately followed later on by command models, bull centaurs, halberdiers or great weapons, a lord on taurus and a sorcerer (not to mention hobgobbos). most of this stuff will come between books 1-2 as the models have either just been started or are atill in the concept phase.

Note that book 2 is pencilled in for mid-late 2011.
The Large Cannon will have a chained ogre to load it with a couple of CD ‘motivators’ persuading it to do its job, though they are still working on it. As for the hats they are keeping the pointy hats though no plans to make chimey stacks.

They are playing around with CD’s with Great Axes and more aggressive looking bull centaurs. Though gives me time to save some money for there releases.


The warmachines were all sculpted by Tim Adcock

The Chaos Dwarfs were sculpted by Juan Diaz’s girlfriend Thais Mariblanca.

Steam Engine with the following connonades:

Siege Bombard

Demolisher Rocket

Steam Engine Skullcracker

- Magma Cannon

Engineer #1

Engineer #2/Hero/Lord (not sure)