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The Flying Beaver:

Post your tips for fighting Brettonian armies here.

Two Earthshakers. I can’t stress that enough. Slow up those knights, and blast them with Bolt Throwers. Make sure to protect your crews from Pegasus Knights.

You arn’t striking first (or at all, most likely) against Knights. This means you’ll want to maximize toughness and armour hoping to reduce your casualties as much as possible, just so you can survive the first round of combat without fleeing… Then, get some Hobgobbos to outnumber and flank the Knights.

I think you are right, BBs aren’t going to do much here. Go for solid 25 US units, and position yourself to make flank charges. I might even suggest a BSB to help prevent that first round of combat break test you may be making a lot.

Good luck!

BOLT THROWERS, SIX OF 'EM FOR 180PTS! Bretonians hate them as much as a Dwarf hates being sober. They ignore armour saves, meaning that his brets only get their ‘blessing of the lady’ ward save. If you pack your army with themthen that negates any non-shooty kit he may have. Also since the bretonians use the lance formation (deploy three wide, any model on the outside file gets to attack if they charge) they generally have more ranks than most cavalry and thus suffer even more from bolt throwers.

I agree with everything Xander said. Make sure you use your earthshakers to stop him hitting your lines too fast, giving you more turns shooting with your bolt throwers. With luck on its side, each bolt thrower can take out a third of a unit of knights. Also, don’t forget that if the Bretonian player takes the blessing, you automatically get choice of first turn, so use the extra shooting!!

If you want to be really mean, take a Taurus or Lammasu in your army and land it right behind his knights when they first start towards your lines (make sure its NOT where you plan to target your earthshaker and use the Terror test it inflicts to try and break some units. If a unit flees it loses the blessing and thus its only protection against your bolt throwers. If you take a lord on a Taurus then use him to counter Pegasus knights.

Wolf riders are also useful as Bretonians really suck if they don’t get the charge, and have long flanks to protect for their knights. Also remember they get rank bonus for each three knights in any rank when in lance formation, but that means killing one is normally enough to cost them a rank.

Big units are your best hope in CC. Hobbos w. light armour, HW&S are preferable to Big’uns, as they are much cheaper and have the same save. Since what you waqnt is to stop the lances then flank them, a unit which can take lots of initial casualties and keep its full rank and numbers bonus is a real plus. I’d take units of 30-40, just keep your general and BSB nearby to make sure they hold. A banner of slavery wouldn’t go amiss either (remember you can give this to a unit of warriors) Other than that blorcs w. shields and warriors w. GWs are the only other units i’d take, for their flexibility

Whew! tirade over :cheers

Oh, I forgot two other things, if any knight turns down a challenge then ALL knightly units in that combat lose the blessing. Also the blessing is only available to knights and damsels. Their peasants have low leadership but can use the leadership of any knights within 6". These guys are horrible when they charge with or just after the knights, but if you can seperate them out then they die easily

Pegasus knights are good but are killable use magic missiles to take them out and make them your priority. Keep your units together and just make damn sure you go in with a starting CR of 5 and a decent save. Units of US 25 min are essential, as are hitting those knights in the flanks. Lastly… :hashut ARTILLERY ARTILLERY ALWAYS ARTILLERY :hashut Knights die when hit by giant spears, shells and rockets. They die when hit by DoW cannons, they die they flee, and they lose that sodding blessing. A good cannon ball or blt thrower caqn kill a third of a unit in one shot. Kill the posy knights and remember, big hats may look silly, but brightly coloured clothes and enormous mascots stuck on your helmet spell target in any language (including Sweedish)



Uzkul Werit:

Considering that one of my regular opponents is a Bret player, I’m suprised that I haven’t replied to this. Aginst Brets I would advise toning down on the Blunderbuss useage. They have both the army save and the ward save to laugh them off. Instead invest in as many Warriors as possible. Even when Lances get charged themselves (it happens) they are tough enough to take it. I have had one unit of six Knights of the Realm and one Hero take 25 Warriors in the front, 15 Blunderbussmen in the flank, 10 Wolfboyz in the rear and STILL stay locked in for three turns.

Also spread out your war machines if possible. Pegasus Knights aren’t unkillable (they’re often deployed on the flanks, away from that infernal Battle Standard so they should run fairly easy) but this will make their job harder. Smaller units of them could even be removed by a Lord on a Great Taurus.


Bretonnians are one army I would not hesitate to bulk out on bolt throwers with. Take a bare minimum of four, at least.

Also: magic. Make sure that you use the lore of metal against Bretonnians. Make sure that you have at least two wizards. Buy power stones for them if you have to. The lore of metal is a game breaker versus Bretonnians.

Use hobgoblin units to divert charges away from your warrior units then try to charge his cav in the flank. Support this with earthshakers to try and prevent your flanking units from themselves being counter-charged in the flank.

don’t bother using blunderbusses against Bretonnians - the only time they’ll get to shoot is as a charge reaction and then they’re toast.

Ancient History:

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I admit I cheated a little on the sample strategy, but you really can’t miss the look on a Brettonian player’s face when you field Rhinox Cavalry. I saw a guy with some homemade Rhinoxen built on chariot bases just ream a lance of Grail Knights once, and it was priceless.


MSU style is pretty effective versus bretonnia. What you want to do is spread you army out a bit so as to force your opponent to do the same, if all works out those big lances will be spread out so as to not get the combined charge off.

Just declaring you have the lore of metal will make a bretonnia player run through contingencies which will mess with their best laid strategy.

You will most likely always get the first turn so make the best use of it. Concentrate fire on the biggest lance your opponent has until it either panics or you have nothing else to fire at it.

Hellcannons over Dread quake Mortars as they can handle themselves in combat much more proficiently and make the perfect anchor to protect your rear vs flying units.

Of course magma cannons are no joke :yar they will tear through units with or without that ward save, you just have to know how to aim and fire them correctly. (still learning myself)

Have been math-hammering a lot recently and i do believe there is nothing better at sniping out enemy war machines or lone characters better than a well placed demolition rocket, say by by Trebuchet/Pegasus mounted character.

Fireglaives are nice against these guys as you will tend to get a turn of shooting then your stand and shoot reaction then a +1S in combat. But a mix of fireglaive and blunderbuss units is very nice as well.