[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs vs Chaos Dwarfs

The Flying Beaver:

Who says it doesn’t happen? Post your tips for fighting other Chaos Dwarf armies here.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Take a mobile and shooting/magi-heavy army list. Lots of wolf-riders for flanking, lots of BCs (if possible) for a punch-unit with speed, lots of BTs/DRs/ESs do dish out damage, magic is always useful (direct damage spells are good here if you get them). BBs can be good if the enemy has no fast-moving units, otherwise, don’t bother with GWs, just use shields. Don’t take Musicians, they cost more than they’re worth and you can get an extra warrior for the price…

Uzkul Werit:

It’s like fighting a mirror. In a tournie a week or so ago, I played against Chaos Dwarfs and it’s the foe you least want to go against. They can counter your shooting with your best weapon: the Earthshaker. A Great Taurus could be worth it but chances are, the other guy will have one too with nearly the same magic item set up (in my example I had Armour of Gazrakh/Black Hammer and the other Lord had AoF/Black Hammer).

BB are key here to counter his infantry. Therefore to get rid of his Earthshaker should be your main aim. Units of Wolfboyz would be useful here or if you’re facing a magic lite list, a Commandment of Brass would do the trick.


Isn’t this list a bit pointless seeing as most CD players will, if not members, at least browse this forum? Therefore both will have read the same tactics

baba yaga:

mirror matches will usually end up a draw unless one of players makes a serious mistake or is particularly unlucky…


The first turn in a mirror match is always an issue as well. In the case of CDs, the first to land an accurate earthshaker round will have a huge advantage.


Chaos Dwarfs fighting each other? Not sure if Hashut would be too pleased about that…

Anyhow, I would think that Blubderbusses would make small confettl like pieces of mulch out of pretty much any Hobgoblin unit in front of them.

Apart from that I would fight CD in much the same way as normal Dwarfs - use Hobgobs as cannon fodder to protect your CD warriors and try to hit them on the flank and turn his army.

Earthshakers will cripple Chaos Dwarf warriors, and even Hobgoblins.

I would imagine that the outcome of the game will be heavily determined by the outcome of how well the respective sides Earthshakers do (which should actually make for a pretty dull game).

Tauruses might be useful depending on how many bolt throwers your opponent has.

Lore of metal would be useful against CD warriors, and maybe lore of shadow for the extra movement ability.

Magicians I would think could be very handy in a CD versus CD game. I would be tempted to tank on them and try to blast the opponent to bits.

Ancient History:

[[Choas Dwarfs vs Chaos Dwarfs]] posted to the wiki.


Chaos dwarf civil war?!

Ancient History:

Well, there was the Black Orc uprising. It’s certainly theoreticall possible. Granted, the odds are pretty slim, but you never know. Some far-off Sorcerer declares themselves the new Prophet of Hashut and the masters of Zharr-Naggrund have to straighten them out the hardway or something.


Sounds good to me.


Lots of greenskins if the other relie on CD regiments.

Lots of CD regiments if the other relie on greenskins.

Lots of blundebusses and earthshakers to slow them down even more.

The closest thing I know is dwarfs vs dwarfs. Its awfuly boring. And even more because we didnt took much artillery. It took us half the game to charge ourselves.

Do you think CD are chaotic enough to fought eachother in a civil war level ? Thats for dark elves.


There is not enough of us to go around for fighting each other, that’s what greenskins are for!