[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs vs Dark Elves(1)


My army:

I took something different for a change of pace.

Lord on Taurus

Obsidian Blade

Armor of Gazhrak the Cruel


Armour of the Furnace

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Lvl 2

Scroll, Power Stone

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Lvl 2

24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors


24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors


17 Blunderbuss

20 Hobgoblins

Light Armor, Shields, Musician

20 Hobgoblins

Light Armor, Shields, Musician

10 Hobgoblins

Wolves, Bows, Light Armor, Shields, Musician

10 Black Orcs

Death Rocket



2 Block of Corsairs

Big unit of Cold One Knights

Crossbow unit

2 Dark Rider fast cav

1 Dark Rider "medium cav"

Dread lord on Cold One (in corsairs)

Master on Cold One (also in corsairs, different unit)

master on foot (in BSB’s unit)


Game start

I got first turn.

Both sorcerers use Death Lore.

#1 has 1 & 2

#2 has 1 & 4

CD Turn 1

1st turn Shaker and Rocket kill 6 knights…

Hobgoblin cav didn’t kill any Dark riders after moving forward to threaten.

DE Turn 1

Hydra kills 3 Black Orcs. DE medium cav charges Hobgob cav. Both lose 3 and tie.

CD Turn 2

Shaker and rocket 7 corsairs. Taurus and lord slaughters crossbows champ and send them running. Black Orcs bounce off hydra and are gone. A wolf rider and dark rider kill each other.

DE Turn 2

Lost my notes on this turn… damn…

CD Turn 3

Finish off Knights between a Death rocket and steal soul. Panic dark riders. Hobgoblin tried to charge the knight, but had failed. Taurus burns 3 corsairs and a fleeing dark rider.

DE Turn 3


CD Turn 4

Taurus charges corsairs in flank puts a wound onBSB. Takes a wound on mount. Wolf Riders charge and run down a dark rider unit. Blunderbuss kill 2 corsairs in general’s unit. Mage makes wolf riders cause fear.

DE Turn 4

General’s unit goes stupid, stops right in front of Blunderbuss. Taurus combat results in nothing, but I hold.

CD Turn 5

Both hobglins squabble. 2nd Hobgoblin block doesn’t though. Magic kill 2 corsairs. Blunderbuss kill 4. Taurus combat continues doing nothing. I hold.

DE Turn 5

Dark Riders charge Hobgoblins in read (2 guys strong). 1 Rider dies, tie. Lord finishes off BSB. Holds. Corsairs and general run through Blunderbuss and hit hobgoblins.

CD Turn 6

Dark Rides 1 dies, runs. Taurus kills off corsairs. Corsairs slaughter Hobgoblins.

game called.

Chaos Dwarfs massacred Dark Elves.


Congrats on the victory :cheers


Detail I forgot: Hydra chewed threw shaker, and later charged a warrior block. It killed the sorcerer and bounced off fleeing. On my turn the Hobgob cav charged, caught, and killed it… redirecting into Dark Riders.


Not Bad man… I love that kit on a lord personally… but the Hammer and Ward are nice.