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The Flying Beaver:

Post your tips for fighting Dogs of War armies here.


For the sake of your army take out the pay master making the whole army panic.They will hate you but meh good price for panic also the eath shaker can be avoded and there army’s seem to always look diffrent P.S

someone wanna test against me in 1000pts.

Uzkul Werit:

Pikemen are ideal Blunderbuss fodder. Expensive, rarely move much and lightly armoured? Thank you very much!


If your opponent takes sometihing big like a giant, ignore it. Its a huge waste of points and its main advantage is its terror causeing ability, not so great against an army with Ld10 (for every unit if you deploy right.) Unless you’re unlucky you should beat the damn hing on combat resolution with a fully ranked up unit. Concentrate your shooting on other things. Pike blocks really suffer from bolt throwers as they have low toughness and a lot of ranks, so take four. Its good to take as balanced a force as possible, as you never know what type of dogs of war you’ll be facing. The thing I’d worry about most is ogres, and the best counter I can think of is take some of your own. My preference is for leadbelchers and/or ironguts. Failing that, max out on rare choices and make sure you include wolf riders.

Lepreh Khan:

Here’s a breakdown of the Dogs of War Army:


-They have access to virtually every type of unit that you can imagine.

-They have access to more special characters through taking Regiments of Renown (RoR).

-Their wizards can choose from all the Lores of magic, and the Truthsayer/Dark Emissary have some unique lores of their own.

-They can take certain Ogre Kingdoms units in special slots.

-Pikemen have the ability to always strike first (even before chargers) and can fight in four ranks.


-Huge lack of magic items.

-Compulsory Paymaster takes up a hero slot, and the death of him can cripple the army. He is treated like a BSB, however, and this is a plus.

-The best leadership that they can take is 9.

-Average stat lines.

-Slow moving foot troops.

-Somewhat expensive units.

The average DoW armies will have a Mercenary General leading it, the paymaster, a lvl 1 wizard scroll caddy, a unit of pikes, some pistol Duellists (these guys can be quite annoying), some Crossbowmen, the Paymaster’s Bodyguard (a stubborn unit), Long Drong’s Slayer Pirates, a Cannon or 2, and some Cavalry.

Some other units you should watch out for are: Voland’s Venators (Heavy Cavalry), Beorg Bearstruck & Norsemen (basically Frenzied Marauders), Ogre Maneaters, the Truthsayer or Dark Emissary with their Albion Fen Beasts, Rhinox Rider Cavalry (though these guys aren’t GT legal anymore so they are becoming a rare sight), and the Pegasus Captain.

General Tactics:

Make them come to you, you’re a Dwarf after all. Pack in a lot of bolt throwers to take out Heavy Cav, Paymaster’s unit, and the Pikemen. Earthshakers will slow them down to make sure you kill enough by the time they reach you.

Take some Bull Centaurs and make sure to put a Bull Centaur Hero in there with a Great Weapon. You’ll get the charge on his cavalry and with the high strength attacks that you deliver you will come out on top.

I personally would take a Great Taurus Lord because Dogs have some troubles when it comes to multiple wound monsters. This guy can decimate his crossbows, cannons, and anything else behind his lines that are causing you problems. Watch out for the Slayer Pirates though, they’re sure to be close by and these guys can ruin your day. Another benefit of the Taurus is the Terror it can cause. This army’s leadership isn’t that great, so terror will most likely run something off the board.

Blunderbusses will work very well against those pesky skirmishing duellists.

Hobgoblin wolf riders will easily kill Dogs of War Light Cavalry, so take a unit of these guys.

Use slaves to bait Pikemen into a position where they will be charged in the flank/rear. With a low toughness and armor save, even a lone unit of Wolfboyz can cut through them and make them flee.

Sneaky gitz would be worth taking against Dogs Players as the poisoned attacks will hurt the enemy and he doesn’t have a high armor save to stop it. This is one of the few armies that I would say it’s ok to take the Gitz against.



Interesting assessment of DoW units and army. I completely disagree on the composition.

The problem you will always run into against this army is that it is the most flexible and diverse army out there. In that you can never know what the player will bring. There is no such thing as a standard DoW army.

If I went up against the army that was just described - it would be wiped out by turn 4 every game.

What to watch out for against Dow.

1. Multiple wizards - I always have a level 4 and at least 1 level 2.

2. Malakai Goblin Hewer - this thing is awsome - ranked troops go by by

3. Volands Venators - Heavy Cav - very good

4. Duellist with pistols - maybe the best unit for its points in the game

5. Dwarves - heavy armour,shild,x-bows and great weapons

6. Tichi Hichis Cold Ones - skinks on cold ones - fear causing cav excellent vs most units

7. Marksmen of Miragliano - Xbows with a BS of 4

8. wolfriders -better then CD wolfriders by leaps and bounds they even pursue 4d6 vs 3d6

9. Bearmen - frenzied maurauders that deliver a chaos lord to its target.

10. Maneaters are only a special choice for them

I have only listed 10 of the choises that I play with. There are others. The standard heavy cav is very good and inexpensive. I personally think that pikes are a waste.

I would prepare for anything with this army - unless you know the playstyle of the opponent then who knows? They might bring an elf on a dragon. Who knows.

Agianst DoW - a swarm army is the most likely the best bet - the DoW troops tend to be more expensive - especially if RoR are used. So massed tactics work well against them.

Massed troops always cause a problem - A slave army with 200+ miniatures will cause serious problems.

Ancient History:

Made a [[Chaos Dwarfs vs Dogs of War]] page on the wiki.

Kera foehunter:

the only choises you have when fighting long dronge and his slayer pirates are.

1. Duck and cover

2. Go and try to out drink them.

3. tell them you have a sister.

4. Call Kera