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Chaos Dwarfs Vs Dwarfs:

Tonight the Chaos Dwarfs came up against their hated western cousins in a 1500 Point battle.��This was my first battle using the new 7th edition rules and I tailored my list towards defeating my opponent’s army beforehand, even though I had never seen it in person.��

Dwarf Army:


1 Thane (plus 3 attacks, always strikes first in close combat)


21 Dwarf Warriors w/FCMD

10 Thunderers w/FCMD

10 Thunderers w/FCMD


20 Dwarf Iron breakers w/FCMD

20 Longbeards W/FCMD

1 Cannon


1 Organ Gun

Chaos Dwarf Army:��


Chaos Dwarf Hero w/ enchanted shield, heavy armour and hand weapon

Bull Centaur Hero w/ Great Weapon and armour of gazrakh


24 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/FCMD

15 Blunderbusses

15 Blunderbusses

11 Hobgoblin Wolf riders w/FCMD


2 Hobgoblin Bolt throwers

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

20 Orc Big Un’s w/ FCMD


1 Earthshaker Cannon w/ 3 crew

When deployment was completed, this was the battlefield…

Dwarf Deployment from left to right:

10 Thunderers, 20 Dwarf Ironbreakers, 10 thunderers, organ-gun, cannon, 21 dwarf warriors and finally 20 longbeards.

Chaos Dwarf Deployment from left to right:

Wolfriders including BC Hero, Blunderbusses, earthshaker cannon, 25 CD warriors, 15 Blunderbusses, 20 Big Un’s and 4 hobgoblin bolt throwers.

The opening turn went to myself.:hat

Chaos Dwarf Turn 1:

Being strategically sound, the chaos dwarf general knew that he could pray on the Dwarfs slow movement.��Engaging in combat with dwarf elites would not be a sound approach to this battle, Instead he opted to stay stationary and slow down the advancing dwarfs.��

The Earthshaker crew pivoted the Cannon and loaded the deadly shell and took�� aim at the Dwarf organ gun.��The shell was launched and landed directly on the organ gun, blowing it to pieces and taking a dwarf crew member with it.��After the shell landed, it buried itself deep within the earth.��The Thunderers and cannon crew members were thrown to their knees as they felt the earth shake beneath their feet.

The hobgoblin bolt thrower crew were commanded by the Dwarf Slavelord to concentrate all of their fire on the Dwarf Longbeards.��Due to the pathetic aiming skills of the hobgoblins two of the bolts went off course and landed at the feet of the Longbeards.��However the other two bolts smashed through the ranks of the elite dwarfs.

Dwarf Turn 1:

Losing one of his most powerful warmachines, the dwarf general advanced his entire army towards the Chaos Dwarfs.��His shooting was kept at a minimum, his cannon crew were on their knees due to the tremors and the Thunderers were still out of range.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 2:

Once against the Chaos Dwarf general decided to keep his army stationary.��He once again looked over to the Erthshaker Cannon crew and ordered them to fire on the dwarf cannon.��The crew-members loaded the shell, however this time a technical fault occurred and the cannon was useless this turn and the next.

The hobgoblin bolt thrower crew members once again took aim at the Longbeards, once again the bolts penetrated the armour of the elite dwarfs and the regiment took more casualties.��

Dwarf 2:

The Dwarf general was slowly becoming frustrated with the lack of progress.��All of his army advanced forward apart from his cannon and the Thunderers on the hill.

His cannon took aim at the deadly Earthshaker, hoping to gain some revenge for the death of their fellow Dwarfs.��The cannon released a deadly shell that fell short but bounced forward once again striking the Earth shaker and denting it.��

Chaos Dwarf Turn 3:

Unlike the previous turns, the Chaos Dwarf general ordered his army to advance slowly towards the approaching dwarfs.��With no magic in the army, it was once again time to take aim with the devastating war machines.

Due to the Earthshaker misfiring the previous turn, It would not be a factor.��The bolt throwers on the other hand would.��Once again the bolt throwers took aim at the Longbeards, slicing through the armour and causing even more casualties.��

Dwarf Turn 3:

Once again the Dwarf general ordered his army to march towards, he needed to close the gap and engage into close combat as soon as possible.

No longer feeling the tremor effects of the earthshaker Shell, the Thunderers

On the hill opened up a volley of fire onto the advancing Blunderbuss regiment.��The after effects of the attack resulted in four blunderbusses being killed.��

His cannon took aim once again at the Earthshaker cannon.��Smoke filled the air and the cannon were released.��It once again bounced forward, this time landing directly on top of the Earthshaker and crushing it to the extent that It was no longer useable.��

Chaos Dwarf Turn 4:

The Chaos Dwarf general wasn’t in the mood to play games anymore.��His army once again pushed forwards slowly and advanced towards the dwarfs.

With the Earthshaker out of commission it was up to the Bolt throwers to cause some serious damage.��Once again annoy the Longbeards they concentrate all of the bolts towards them.��The Longbeards regiment once against sustained heavy casualties and continued to advance.��

Dwarf Turn 4:��

The sound of drums could once again be heard over the battlefield and the dwarf army marched forwards towards their smug counterparts.��It wouldn’t be long now before blood was shed in combat between the two races.��

With no combat or magic on the dwarfs part it was on to shooting.��Both regiments of Dwarf Thunderers took aim at the blunderbuss units, three blunderbuss men sustained too much damage to continue and fell to the ground.��The shell of the cannon was loaded again, this time taking aim at the dwarf warriors.��The cannon fell short but the shell bounced and crushed 3 Chaos Dwarf warriors under its extreme weight.��

Chaos Dwarf Turn 5:��

The Orc Big Un’s were finally within charge range; they had built themselves up into frenzy and charged directly into the Long beards.��Instead of taking the charge and fighting it out the Long beards decided to flee, outpacing the dwarfs and abandoning their brothers in combat.

The wolfriders on the other side of the table were also ready for combat.��Charging forward at fully pace and being led by the Bull Centaur Hero they smashed into the Dwarf Thunderers who decided to flee and were cut down in the process.��

The rest of the army advanced forwards slowly, the blunderbusses positioned themselves to fire on the dwarf warriors and the chaos dwarf warriors turned around to face the dwarfs in combat.

The Blunderbuss unit filled their blunderbusses with gunpowder, shrapnel, nails and broken glass.��They took aim at the unsuspecting dwarf warriors and pulled their triggers, the surrounding air filled with black smoke and four dwarf warriors’ fates were sealed.

The hobgoblin crew changed their target and concentrated all fire into the Iron breakers.��The heavily armoured ironbreakers felt the fast faced bolts slice through their armour as they like the Longbeards experienced heavy casualties.

Dwarf Turn 5:��

Knowing that the Dwarf regiment was in trouble the Longbeards rallied.��The Iron-breakers marched as far away from the hobgoblin wolf-riders as possible.

With no combat or magic on the dwarfs part it was on to shooting.��The remaining Thunderers regiment took aim at the blunderbuss unit, once again inflicting three wounds.��Knowing that the Dwarf General and his dwarf unit were about to engage in combat the crew of the cannon took aim at the large regiment of Chaos Dwarfs.��The cannon fell short but the shell bounced and crushed another 3 Chaos Dwarf warriors.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 6:

The Chaos Dwarf warriors charged directly into the front of the Dwarf Unit and the Blunderbusses charged them in the flank simultaneously.��Knowing his troops were in trouble the dwarf Thane challenged the Chaos Dwarf General, he gladly accepted.��The characters bounced off one another and so did the dwarf warriors.��The dwarfs found themselves fleeing from the battlefield, being caught and run down in the process.��

Again to collect some extra points the hobgoblins took aim at the Iron-breakers and concentrated fire, three more of the dwarf elite met their fate and the battle came to an end.

In Conclusion:��

The Chaos Dwarfs managed to win the battle and enslave the remaining dwarfs and their Thane leader.��No doubt he would be sacrificed to Hashut and the remaining Dwarfs would be sent into the never ending Pits.��


Bwahahaha. That Thane is going to have great honour of being put to death in Hashut’s name. How nice for him. Stick the rest of those dirty dwarfs in the mines, where they belong.

Nicely written. :slight_smile:


Some notes for your opponent Longbeards are core and the Thane is illegal (Can’t take 4 runes on a weapon or over 75 points in magic items)

Cheers, Mont


:hat off

Some notes for your opponent Longbeards are core and the Thane is illegal (Can’t take 4 runes on a weapon or over 75 points in magic items)

Cheers, Mont

:hat off I actually got the charge on his thane with my cd warrior unit that was being led by my cd hero. Once we were in base contact he challanged me and because of his magical items he got to strike first…The funny thing is even with his illegal magical items, he still failed to strike my general…

I noticed that he also stated that his Thane was toughness five…I went home and checked the rulebook and hes only toughness 4…I dont understand why he would state faulse stats for his units considering hes one of top players at the club

The chosen of hashut:

His thane has toughness 5


His thane has toughness 5

The chosen of hashut
:0Ithought he had toughness 4, my misteake :cheers


Great shot with the earth shaker if you diden’t knock out the organ gun

and thunderers you could have lost badly.Also shame on your opponent

hes a dwarf and only brought 2 warmachines.