[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs vs High Elves

The Flying Beaver:

Post your tips for fighting High Elf armies here.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Orc arrer boys to counter-act their archers. You can get twice as many for the same points and they’ll have T4, S4 in the first round of combat and LA standard. Take fodder units to counter fliers. Bull centaurs or wolfboys should be good for punch units. GW are useless due to their low toughness. BBs could be good if they are likely to try to charge you.


Here my top tip to live always charge their spear men in the flank other wise ther getting over 10 atacks at you.

The Flying Beaver:

The only thing more satisfying than seeing your blunderbusses annihilate a unit of swordmasters is the look on your opponent’s face as your blunderbusses annihilate a unit of swordmasters. :hat off


A good magic defense is a must as their magic is pretty awesome (seers and all that malarky).

They’re also very, very fast so an earthshaker is a must.

I wouldn’t worry about spearmen, they’re pretty useless.

Bolt throwers are excellent chariot killers.

Some fast cav would be a wise option for march blocking and also getting at those repeater bolt throwers.


Swamp them with Hobgoblins.

Use the Earthshakers to slow down the Cav, and the bolt throwers on the spearmen.

Take a good magic defence with lots of scrolls.

Hit them in the flank with everything fast you have.


I play High Elves as my primary army (at least until my CDs are ready).

The advice against charging into spearelves is true; the fight in three ranks can be brutal to fight against, flank where appropriate.




I play High Elves a lot, the guy that got me into the game plays them as a primary army, and talks about them non-stop… (kinda annoying really, but anyway…)

Swordmasters and Dragon Princes are the things he likes the most, and for good reason. Swordmasters hit on 3’s and wound on 2’s or 3’s on nearly everything. So, with a front rank of 6, thats 7 attacks, 4 or 5 hits, and 2 or 3 wounds, on average. Dragon Princes will get the charge, so you’ll have to rely on the dwarfy ability to take a charge to take them out. Just hope he doesn’t have the Battle Banner… +d6 combat resolution really hurts.

If you try the trick of the hobgoblin hero charging his mage, killing it and retreating, make sure you give him a magic weapon. Walk between worlds will prevent that tactic pretty well. (Unless you dispel it)

If you go magic heavy, make sure to take power stones. High Elves not only have really good magic, but they have nearly the best anti magic in the game, second only to Dwarfs and Chaos of Khorn. In order to get your spells off, you will need a bit of a boost. Also, the Challice of Darkness is a good way to reduce your opponents ability to dispel or cast. Particularly if you have more mages than they do. Best use it only when you have more dice though, or if you can reduce them to one die.

I think the best thing to do in theory, would be to take a few block units of 20-24 chaos dwarfs (GW or not) with a few flank guard units (probably blunderbussiers would be best) Counter their magic, get rid of the bolt throwers, and let them come to you. Make sure that if they charge the flank guard units, they can hold long enough for your block units to flank charge. If you can do that, they will break, almost guaranteed.

The high elves have to win on the charge in order to win at all. That is their one major weakness. Dwarfs can win a battle of attrition, elves cannot. So naturally they’ll try to win by flanking, rear charging, and all sorts of other things. Unless the chariots have a character in them, they’re only unit strength 4. However, if they charge with a great eagle for support, thats suddenly a threat.

Prioritize your targets, keeping in mind that if only one unit charges, you can take them. If two or three units charge, you might not. So keep your own units from getting charged more than once. I’m tired, and can’t really think of how best to do that… I guess use the other tactics in the topic.


Deep blocks of infantry are a must against the pointy ears now. (as if they weren’t before). Hobbos lead by a CD hero might not be a bad option to tie up the elite infatry (White Lions, Phoenix Guard, and Swordmasters).

Now with the rule changes getting rid of Swordmasters should be one of the top priorities. After that skip firing at Phoenix Guard: 4+ ward Save is going to make them very tough in addition to their regular 5+ save; there are better targets in the list.

Watch out for Caledoran themed armies, especially ones that have a lion chariot or two: Four S5 attacks, + Four S5 attacks always striking first plus impact! Yikes. And if he loads up with Kohril in the chariot it could get even uglier. Obvious targets for the bolt throwers.

Dragons can now reasonably appear in low level games. Be prepared for this happen. Granted it is the weakest level of dragon, but Terror and breath weapon is nothing to sneeze at.

Even regular spearelf infantry is a better opponent now, SoA plus strike in 3 ranks on defensive is even tougher now. But still T3 and 5+ save is their weakness.

Go defensive on spell casting, They are perhaps the best spell casters in the game, focus on thwarting their spells rather then trying to get your own off. Chalice might be a good pick here in games against High Elves.

More as I think of it.

Ancient History:

Distilled into a [[Chaos Dwarf vs High Elves]] wiki page. The Elfrist is something that unfortunately I haven’t been able to field-test as much as I’d like, but it worked the one time I did use it.