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The Flying Beaver:

Post your tips for fighting Lizardmen armies here.


Blunderbuss the hell out of his skinks.

The Slaver:

I have always found lizardmen armies bittersweet. Here is a break down of the thigns to note:

1) We can go first! take advantage of the cold blooded rule and attack lizardmen saurus with dwarfs. Not only will they react well against high toughness and strength of the lizards, but they will be able to attack first, for once in your gaming career!

2) Use artillery/shooting on skinks. This is simple. Dont engage them in combat, its a waste of time and movment. Blast the crap out of them, ecspecially those dman chameleons…

3) Don’t rely on magic. If you don’t know what your opponents army list is before hand (which you shouldn’t) dont rely on magic. If he brings a slaan, you are SCREWED! they are the best wizards in the game. instead…

4) SHOOT AND KILL THe BIG TOAD!! buttload of points, and you take out his general.

and thats about it for now. hope these help.


Blunderbuss the Skinks.

Take at least two blunderbusses (one for each flank) to stop the annoying little runts getting around behind you.

Use Hobgoblin units to sweep a path (sort of like clearing a minefield).

Simply put them in a line and move them forward. Make sure there is no gap for the Skinks to move through between your Hobgob units.

Use the Lord on Taurus to kill the annoying Teradons, which will otherwise be hunting your Earthshaker and bolt thowers.

Use the bolt throwers against the ranked up Saurus units or Stegadon. Use the Earthshakers to slow down whatever is the most pressing threat - probably the Saurus or the Stegadon.

Sacrifice Hobgoblin units to kill the Salamanders, otherwise they’ll be burning your CD warriors.

The Slann is pretty much impossible to kill if your opponent has tooled him up correctly (which he will have).

If he is in a Temple guard unit then he can’t leave it, so you could try whittling the unit down with bolt throwers or Earthshakers, then charging it with a CD Warrior unit with combat character and warbanner and hope you win on combat res (that is what I did the only time i’ve ever managed to kill a Slann).

Other than that, just ignore the Slann and take out whatever else he has spent points on.

Saurus cav are no big threat against CD. Stick a CD warrior unit in front of them and they should be able to win.


Skinks will eat your flying terror causers and laugh… dont expect terror causing any fleeing.

hobgob wolf riders can eat skinks easy enough, and salamander handlers can be gobbled up this way as well.

Shoot for near his salamanders with the earthshaker to stop their BBQ action

Hit his cav with bull centaurs, their armor save aint great, and will be 6+ if you use great weapons. bulls are faster, but beware that movement banner.

blunderbuss the saurus cav, they are slow and ranked up, but even if 10 survive they will jack up the blunderbussers, so keep some regular warriors handy.


When facing off against Lizardmen it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to cast a decent spell so instead go offensive with a BC Lord or perhaps even a CD Lord on Great Taurus.

During the magic phase it’s very important that you block most of the spells that could directly harm your most important/most expensive units. Your bull centaurs for example should be a priority against magic missiles etc. Your hobgoblins troops on the other hand should be able to withstand the effects of magic as long as they are within 12 of your general. To block such powerful magic I’d suggest that you opt for 2 level one sorcerers with 2 dispel scrolls each.

It’s also very important that you use a decent number of troops in each unit. I’d suggest 25 models minimum with fcmd for CD warrior units, BC units etc but for weaker units such as 2 point hobgoblins I’d suggest even greater numbers so that you can win or at least draw by combat resolution.


another great skink killer is a hobbo hero with the armour af gashrakk…

kills (overruns) units up to 12 skinks


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As a long time lizardmen player I’ll give some thoughts:

- Slann are the masters of magic. I use a 2nd gen and I dominate every magic phase, its pretty awesome. They are tough to tackle, 99% of slann are given the Plaque of Protection, which gives a 2+ ward save against all projectile attacks. Plus they are generally stuck in a unit of stubborn temple guard or marked saurus. One strategy might be to get pit of shades with a Lvl 4 sorcerer and a power stone, its certainly not a sure thing but you can try it if you get desperate. Obviously scrolls are a good thing to keep around, but put thought into when to use them, a common tactic for slann is to use multiple low value magic missiles since they can choose 3 of them from the default spell from 3 lores and use them to coax out dispell dice and scrolls.

- Saurus warriors are tough, have a lot of attacks, decent armor and great leadership with their cold blooded abilities. They need to be targeted early with earthshakers/rockets/BT’s to thin them out, not necessarily annihilate since there are plenty of other nice targets for them. Since they are so expensive you are unlikely to see them in units bigger than 20, so once you take away a rank or two from long range you’ll really increase your chances of holding or beating them when it comes time for combat. They are only M4, so getting the charge on them won’t be too difficult. Oh yeah since they have I1 you can actually strike first!

** Ill definitely be adding more to this later **

Ancient History:

[[Chaos Dwarfs vs Lizardmen]] posted on the Wiki.


[[Chaos Dwarfs vs Lizardmen]] posted on the Wiki.

Ancient History
Saurus warriors are not subject to stupidity only cold one riders are.
Bow fire is not a good way to deal with skinks.
Failed to mention how to deal with Kroxigors and how kroxs can charge through skinks

Ancient History:

Good calls. Fixed.


Good calls. Fixed.

Ancient History
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Your doing some nice work on the wiki.

zorn sabretooth:

if fighting in 500 points battle always go for cheap troops with good fighting skillsthat way your opponent can only take a few units of sarus leaded to them being outnumbered or rubbish skinks who can be easily killed and guess what no slann!!!


if fighting in 500 points battle always go for cheap troops with good fighting skillsthat way your opponent can only take a few units of sarus leaded to them being outnumbered or rubbish skinks who can be easily killed and guess what no slann!!!

zorn sabretooth
If fighting a 500 point battle most Lizardmen generals will not field Saurus Warrior units, instead expect Kroxs and/or Salamanders. Skinks are not rubbish, they are only rubbish in combat and you will never catch them with blocks of infantry.


skinks are the opposite of rubish.

there combatproof by block infantry, and with 2 poisoned shots each (who uses javelins, seriously?) they rack up the kills at an asstounding pace

there not very good against BBs though, but overall the lack of ranked units in a lizard army make BBs not to effective (realy, against a tactical player expect skinks, salamanders, saurus cav and skinks)

nutralising kroigors is hard, there shoot proof thanks to a skink screen, but can charge through that screen themselves

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

as im a lizard player myself i say stay clear of the slanns