[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs vs Skaven(1)


Hey all, just wanted to brag a little :wink: I just played using my tournament Indy list 2250 point game vs Skaven. My opponent was left with 1 ratling gun! (He did rout the unit my general was in and chased him off the table, and killed my sorcerer lord, but those were my only losses! fun game… hate plague!!! The Screaming bell almost took out my Kolossus on turn 1 with the “everything with Toughness 7 takes d3 wounds” effect (ok, well not take it out, but it had me worried!)


Nice report, I enjoyed reading it. Sounds like a really fun battle, And I use converted Dwarf warriors for the actual chaos dwarves night goblins for the hobgobs converted thunderers for the blunderbusses plus I have a few of the old chaos Dwarf bits.