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The Flying Beaver:

Post your tips for fighting Tomb Kings armies here.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Shoot cheriots with bolt throwers, use orc arrer boys to shoot his archers, take at least two level 2 sorcers, preferably three or a level 2 and level 4. Fire is good here. Don’t bother with great weapons, take large blocks. Use combat resolution to beat them down.

The Slaver:

One usefull tactic when facing a TOmb King Army, or for that matter a Vamp Count army too, is to use the banner of slavery. Take a large unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors as your hammer unit, and stick it behind a row of three units of 25 or so hobgobs with light armor and shields like so:



Then proceed to drive the hobgobs into the main part of his battle line. They will be immune to Psychology, so they won’t have to worry about Fear at all!


Use the earth shaker to slow down the Tomb Guard unit and bolt throwers to whittle it down, especially if it has a king or Hierophant in it.

Use hobgoblin cav or lord on Taurus to hunt the Hierophant down.

If the Lord on Taurus can’t get to the Hierophant then target the screaming Skull Catapult instead.

for the rest of his army, try to turn the flank. Use a denied flank tactic on one flank and stack the other flank with your hard hitters.

Be wary of the tomb scorpion or Tomb Guard as these have killing blow and will be actively seeking out your characters. Using hobgoblins to divert killing blow troops is a good idea.

Lepreh Khan:

Tomb kings are an interesting army, here’s an overview:


-Immune to psychology

-Cause Fear

-Some of the best magic in the game. They can’t ever miscast and always have 4 spells at their disposal.

-Good archers & Warmachines

-Ranked chariots

-“It came from Below” - Think Deepstriking in 40k.

-Spell can allow them to declare a charge/shoot in the magic phase


-Cannot flee or stand and shoot as a charge reaction.

-Compulsory Heirophant Hero choice. Killing him will crumble the army.

-Cannot cast with irresistible force.

-No heavily armored troops.

You will notice that this army seems to have far more strengths than weaknesses. This is because if you can kill the Heirophant (a wizard in essence) early enough in the game then you are almost guaranteed to win. This is the key to defeating a Tomb Kings army.

A good Tomb kings player will know this, so getting to his heirophant will be difficult.

Some things you should watch out for are the Casket of Souls, the Screaming Skull Catapults, the Tomb Scorpion, and the Chariots.

How to beat them:

-Casket of Souls: This warmachine is a big problem for your slaves, as they have low leadership. Use terrain to block line of sight to the casket and you’ll be ok. The best ways to take this out would be either a Great Taurus or a Bull Centaur Lord. The Taurus will be a little more effective as it has a large range and causes terror, therefore negating the terror of the casket. Watch out for the Tomb guard attached to this unit, as they can take out your Lord if you’re not careful. Other options are Bolt Throwers & Dogs of War cannons, but the Casket has a ward save against missile attacks so you will have a more difficult time there.

-Screaming Skull Catapults: Pretty much the same method as above, only your bolt throwers have a better chance of killing these guys.

-Tomb Scorpions: These guys can charge on the turn that they emerge from the ground. Make sure that your Earthshaker is well protected as you are placing your units. Try to get them closer to the edge of the board, as the Tomb Scorpion scatters to see where he comes in and he might go off the board.

-Chariots: This was mentioned above, but Bolt Throwers work pretty well against these chariots. Also, if you get the charge on them you’ll probably come out on top, so a unit of Bull Centaurs with Great Weapons (including a BC lord/hero) will cut through their chariots with ease. Remember, these chariots cannot flee, so it’s very easy to get the charge off on them.

The basic guidline to building an anti-Tomb King force to bring lots of high leadership and combat resolution. Skeletons don’t win combats by wounds, they win by static combat resolution and overrunning.



There are three main things you need to look out for with this army.��1) Magic, 2) “It came from Below”, and 3) fear.

1) Tomb Kings have (without much arguement) the best magic in the game.��They don’t miscast, every character can cast at least once, and they have a ton of bound magic.��True, they only have 4 spells, but the only one you can really let them get away with casting is the magic missle spell.��I’d recommend 2 wizards, 1 as a scroll caddy, 1 with staff of sorcery (since their power is based on 1 or 2 d6, +1 to dispel is very helpful). The move spell is a no brainer, you don’t want them moving. The shooting spell hurts, especially since they can cast it on the screaming skull catapults. The attack spell is a hidden gem; each model in combat can make one attack, seems harmless, except this counts as shooting which can cause a panic test AND the unit can pursue if you flee.

2) Protect your war machines! Tomb Scorpions and Scorpion Swarms have poison attacks, and Tomb Scorpions will eat crew alive regardless.��The unfortunate thing here is that protection with Hobbo units is difficult.��Unless you have a bonus of at least +4 (so minimum of 15 hobbos with standard or 20 without) then the scorpion stands a decent chance of breaking them and overrunning into the warmachine anyway.

3) Fear.��I hate fear.��But luckily, we have decent leadership (with dwarfs anyway).��As Lepreh Khan stated above “skeletons don’t win combats by wounds, they win by static combat resolution and overrunning.”


lord on taurus w/ black hammer is a must i think. at least something fast with black hammer. tomb king and lich preists are flammable-boom, head shot. flying taurus will allow you to engage casket/catapults ASAP.

a bull centaur lord is also good here to kill chariots, though a cheap hobgoblin hero with gauntlets and GW works too. BSB is relativly useless here as if you lose combat, you will generally be outnumbered anyhow.

bolt throwers are nice to finish off chariots and ushabti. earthshakers will slow them down.

bull centaurs can move fast to hit squishy chariots and expensive tomb gaurd.

suprisingly arrer boyz come into their own here. they are good for killing those tomb scorpions who pop up to kill your war machines. choppas help immensly here.

Ancient History:

[[Chaos Dwarfs vs Tomb Kings]] up on the Wiki.

Da Crusha:

use the earthshaker to prevent the skull catapult and the casket of souls (since it counts as a war machine) from firing on a 50/50 shot. a near by liche could still make the catapult shoot because of magic but by doing this he must waste a spell on it and it might not even fire. combined with your own dispel dice, your opponent might spend several spells on it just to get it to fire on a 50/50 shot.