[Archive] Chaos Dwarfs vs Wood Elves

The Flying Beaver:

Post your tips for fighting Wood Elf armies here.

baba yaga:

I hate those treehugging pointyears…

take the hammer of hashut for “lumberjack” caracter.

The big problem is large numbers of scirmishers, the earthshaker is worth its weight in gold (because of shooting-stopping power)

The point is I alway struggle against them, both with CD and vannilla dwarfs.

If anybody else has some pointers I really would like to kill some more of these buggers


Blunders are useful against skirmishers. BTs are vulnerable but good if your opponent takes lots of multi-wound creatures like treekin or warhawks. Other than that, big ranked up units of infantry are the bane of skirmisher heavy armies

Uzkul Werit:

The most annoying thing in this army are the Dryads. The archery shouldn’t be too much of a bummer as it can be taken out with either Great Taurus, Earthshakers or a magic missile (as most archer units will be tiny).

Yes, the Dryads. The key here is that they are Immune to Physcology meaning that they can’t flee as a charge reaction. Use a small unit of Slaves to draw them into traps involving big Warrior blocks. Then they’ll crumble.

The Flying Beaver:

Fire wizards- these are the bane of Wood Elves. Take lots of 'em.

Lord Darkash:

Magic missiles are the way to go. no forest spirit can have his ward save and if you know there will be treekin and/or treemen then yes go for firey, if there wont be either then it makes no difference if you do as they are the only flammable targets.

They tend to have minimal magical ability so going magic heavy would be good.

Protect those flanks and dont let them manouvre to get multiple charges!


Use Lore of fire and black Hammer of Hashut against flammable things.

Use Bolt Throwers against Treemen and other multiwound creatures.

If he has a lot of skirmishers, then a decent tactic is to sweep the field in a line so that he can’t take advantage of his manoeuvrability.

Blunderbusses are pretty decent against skirmishers, but he’ll probably keep his skirmishers away from them, if he’s smart.


Woodies key is their maneuverability, so don’t fight his fight.

1) Large numbers of hobbos can be useful to keep areas of the board occupied.
2) Pound the snot out of them with artillery. In fact two earthshakers here is fine my be when facing such a cheesy army!
3) Watch out for those pesky hawks, you will need artillery guard, arrez boyz are perfect for this.
4) Use the fact that woodies have crap saves to your advantage. Funnel them to other targets if they avoid your blundies.
5) Fire based spells and weapons does it need to be spelled out?
6) Don’t attack piecemeal. Make it an unfair fight, get 2-3 units on an enemy unit and whipe it out
7) Target all spare artillery fire and spells on the mobile Woodie lord, you konw what I mean they one with magic bow (read: “mobile bolt thrower”, spites, etc, etc… Seriously these guys are a royal pain in the a@@!
8) Never let them get behind you, more so they any other army, if it happens your changes of winning are slim. We will almost always outnumber them. use that to your advantage.
9) Lastly its never cheesy in terms whatever tactics you use against Woodies, they deserve it! :slight_smile:

Ancient History:

Added [[Chaos Dwarfs vs Wood Elves]] page to the wiki. Hey, that’s all the elves.:cheers


Another is to attack in unison, never commit your units piecemeal against these guys, more so then almost any other armor you need a flurry of hits because armor saves on the woodies in particular are not their strong point. Get one unit tying them up say chaos dwarf warriors and then hit them with black orcs in the flank.


Also remember that baiting them can work wonders as all the heavy hitters (dryads, wardancers, treekin, treemen and wild-riders) are immune to psychology so they cant flee from a charge and a 20 naked hobgoblins getting the charge on many of these units can actually win the fight - as stated before combination charges are fantastic against them and they die quicker than a snowflake in hell to strength 4 magic missiles.

The other major threat can come from tree-singing which on a wood loaded with nasty units can get him a turn 2 charge - so stop this spell all the time.

Lastly if there is a BSB and you can shoot at him do so as he can be the critical link in many build (2 treemen with BSB in support comes to mind)

Hobgoblin archers are a fantastic investment as are blunderbusses and as previously stated earth-shakers for messing with his movement


In the new rules, magic , missiles don’t negate ward save. At least I can’t find it anywhere. Against a Wood Elf Army you would have to form a solid battle line, without room for a model to pass in the middle. Otherwise unit scan run in one side and out the other. I did this to my brother after falling back right to my table edge and ran back to the other side. His face was a picture.

Your deadliest threats are dryads, they will slaughter you. Just don’t let them outnumber you! Wardancers are going thrash you. I once took on a unit of ironbreakers with Lord on with 11 wardancers and Wardancer hero. I lost two and wiped him out. Each wardancer on the charge packs 3 WS6 S5 attacks, ouch. And killing blow.

Watch out where you put your Lords and Heroes as Waywatchers will pick individual characters of like flies.


In the new rules, magic , missiles don't negate ward save. At least I can't find it anywhere.

Actually, in the Wood Elf book itself, it states that Forest Spirit Ward Saves do not work against magic. That's why magic missiles work wonders against dryads!

What's more, most of the lores have some form of missile or similar damaging attacks as their first ((default) spell, so you can still diversify and capitalize on versatility AND damage capabilities.


Wood Elves win by overwhelming you, usually by putting 2-3 of their units against 1 of yours and overkilling it quickly. This is also their most irritating quality. Protracted fights are bad for them, very bad. If you can get them in a fair fight, you win. Bring a BSB too, as its inevitable some fights will go heavily against you.

When shooting at them, concentrate fire and obliterate them a unit at a time. Woodies operate in small units anyway, so losing 2-3 guys from a unit doesn’t affect it that badly (the remaining 5-6 still kick out bucket loads of attacks). This way you actually score some victory points off them too.

Keep your formation tight, leave no holes where they can sneak behind you.

Plenty of slaves out front, in big units (to negate his shooting). As mentioned above, the WE key units can no longer flee voluntarily, so block him with slaves, make him do the work and try to get the movement advantage. Don’t be afraid to flee with the slaves if it means they will get caught and drag a WE unit its full move towards your waiting BBs. Those Hobgobs are expendable, his guys aren’t.

Magic missiles are their bane, so bring sorcerers and plenty of them. Fire is probably best, although Pit of Shades is also good vs treemen and the default metal spell is good for targeting those annoying alter kindreds. Stop them moving the trees and leave open ground between you and them where you can shoot them as they break cover.

The Black Hammer is an obvious choice, on a BC hero or lord. Get that treeman.

Wardancers are the priority targets, (T3, worse save than Dryads) as they are the ones with the dirty abilities (extra attacks/killing blow, etc). CD warriors can take on dryads and grind them down without too much trouble.

Lastly its never cheesy in terms whatever tactics you use against Woodies, they deserve it!
Damn right! :slight_smile: