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The Dark Emissary head looks great. It never occurred to me to use that.

makes mental note to steal idea

Lava Lord:

Your is a army to truly envy. I play a traditional CD army but you’alls conversions are definitely giving me ideas. Do tell us how the event goes. May Hashut guide you.


Thats a great army there the two latest sorc are my fave ,all the chaos space marine bits fit in really well with your colourscheme and style .lets see more


Great army mate! Good to see people sharing their armies online!

So where to now? Whats in the wood work?


MAtty :slight_smile:


I will totally be stealing the idea for the muzzles on the blunderbussers! Great job!


I would as well, if I could afford all the tanks… Anyway, kudos to you for the great work, my question related to the fact that you have to take CD warriors anyway, and that with just one unit of black orcs or big’uns you could have taken some of the more interesting special choices, but hey, who am I to judge. If it works for you go for it!


I’ve been working on a Chaos Dwarf unit with hand weapon and shield. Some still need their noses done but you get the idea.

My last Gnoblar unit (plain hobgoblins) will represent like a gnoblar bash on a single model (the old empire giant model). I hope they will turn out allot nicer when its done.
Ill keep you posted on progress of painting these little toons.


I’ve painted the Gnoblars:


great concept. very original


Using that Dark emissary head was an inspired choice.

It looks great.


Only a week left for the tournament and still loads to do :slight_smile:

Here is an update:
Warriors front

Warriors back, which reminds me of 300: AHU, AHU, AHU 300 :slight_smile:


I can’t believe I’ve only seen these now! It’s a great army, very cohesive.

Nice use of Space Marine helmets too.

Chaos prince:

Very nice its looks great:cheers

Keep up the good work!


Defentlly nice army! I like how you got the helms and such. :hat off


Very nice. I may have to steal the power fist idea.

The Hobbo’s attacking that guy is really amusing! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the great replies once more.

Its now 2:30 AM, 6 hours before the tournament and I’ve just finished painting the army… just in time :). Ill post a full report and pictures on my games tomorrow of course. May Hashut guide our swords and axes :slight_smile:



Hashut has told me he is pleased with your progress. You will be rewarded with many victims on the morrow.

Kera foehunter:

Great army. i like the black orcs and the Bull centaurs


I have forseen the future , Hashut shall guide your blade to a victory!!

Pyro Stick:

Those Choas Dwarfs are awesome. Great paint job.