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Hi all,

My name is Chris Steenhuis from Holland, student, 19 years old, I’ve been playing warhammer for a couple of years now, blablabla :slight_smile:

What I would like to show you guys is my Chaos Dwarf army I have been working on. Its a project that should participate in a Tournament (Fanatic, Leiden on Octobers 6th). Thats a very tight deadline keeping in mind all the stuff that still needs to be done. Positive thing: It should all contribute to the web log :))

The army in its current state

I must admit I’ve “borrowed” some ideas of some of the people of this forum of which I am humbly thankful (Cannon crew member/Sorcerer, the lava basing (plus the lava bubble) and the Marauder banner Bolttrowers).

Things that I haven’t seen before are the Chaos Space Marine tank gun-tips for Blunderbuss guns. I’ve actually used allot of CSM parts in my army (all the CD helms for example).
Picture of the Blunderbusses:


Link to the blog, enjoy… I hope


I love those Blunderbusses! Great idea with the tank gun-tips. Keep it up.

Pyro Stick:

They are looking awesome. Good lava effect. Get up some close ups of the bull centaurs.

Traitor King:

Great army!

Can we have some close ups of all the units?

Bloody hell, you must have a lot of CSM tank to get that many of the barrel ends!


Great army!
Can we have some close ups of all the units?

Traitor King
Seconded! :cheers


Well I got my ends with 2 Chaos Rhino’s which have about 12/16 tips each or so.

Bull centaurs before:

Bull centaurs after:

Since I took picture I’ve patched up the red feet a little so they have a little more depth now.

Blacks Orcs, no mentionable conversions really

For these Gnoblars which I use as Hobgoblins, Gnoblars slaves. To represent this I bought 2 meters of chain for shackles to represent the slave idea. I am not really statisfied with the unit because the chains don’t really stand out. I think you need allot more to make it really mentionable. But due time restrictions I leave it like this.

And the sorcerer which I didn’t came up myself as mentioned above.

These Gnoblars on Goblin Wolves represent my Hobgoblin Wolf Riders. The Gnoblars I used are just the ordinary ones but with their legs made a little wider to mount them. I used the Dwarf shields from the Dwarf Thunderer boxed set because these where the only ones I found suitable enough for the size of a Gnoblar.

There :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Those Wolfriders are excellent! :hat off great idea.

The army looks brilliant, blunderbuss are another original idea which I really like!

Good Luck with the deadline, keep us posted!


Truly superb.

Tell me how many points it is so I can nominate you for a medal.

Lord Darkash:

Awesome blunderbuss idea! consider it stolen! i was wondering how i was going to do mine… :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

Those bases are looking good and that Blunderbuss idea hasn’t been done before. Is that it for the army?


Thanks for all the great replies! :cheers

Truly superb.

Tell me how many points it is so I can nominate you for a medal.

On this moment the army isn’t legal yet so 0 points, in a few weeks a complete 2250 pt army should be ready. So the first picture isn’t it, rather about half.

I want to add the following:

10 more slaves

15 Chaos Dwarfs w/ Blunderbusses

15 Chaos Dwarfs w/ Great Weapons

A Earthshacker

2 more Bolt Throwers

2 more sorcerers


I’ve just copied this of my blog:

I’ve also converted the last 2 Sorcerers for my army. The Dwarfs are based on a Dwarf Engineer with great weapon and a Dwarf Lord with great weapon and pistol.

For the left Sorcerer I used a musicians horn with Marauder horns replacing the mechanical hammer. The head is of course the Dark Emissary head of the Albion Campaign of which I’ve lost the body so this is a great second purpose. The arm holding the skull is from the Thunderer/Crossbow Dwarf boxed set. I don’t know exactly where the skull is from anymore, I think from a Goblin sprue.

For the right Sorcerer I’ve chopped of the axe and replaced it with Chaos Space Marine Biker Powersword adding some Dwarf Horns as his staff. The mechanical hand is from the Chaos Space Marine Troopers boxed set.

/edit picture didn’t seem to work so I uploaded it to ImageShack instead.


How many points are painted so far? :slight_smile:

Looking awesome!


Wizzbang, that is truely a great army! It’s looking awesome. As said - a very original BB convertion. And your Bull Centaurs are some of the best I have seen. Looking forward to see more and especially to see some paint on those Bolt Throwers

Btw, what do your intent to base your Earthshaker on?


Great army!
Can we have some close ups of all the units?

Traitor King
Seconded! :cheers


I love those blunderbusses, and the Khorne Berzerker helms are a really nice take as well - kudos. One question - why both the blorcs and big'uns?


Great army!

Traitor King
Seconded! :cheers



The DE head looks somewhat awkward on the sorcerer, but I can't decide if that's just the picture angel.


- Kyte


@Xander: About a 1000 I think, maybe a little more now the Sorcerers are done.
@clam: I took the Chaos Hellcannon and left it as it was, of which looks in my opinion quite okay :). I would have rather done a Xander like conversion, but I don’t have the time for mailorder (not at my store that is) anymore bacause of the deadline of the tournament.
@AGPO: I would like to see their punch power combined on the battlefield :slight_smile:

Done but not really satisfied with the result. The cloth of the head from the Dark Emissary still needs to be a little darker or even black I think. And the staff of “Little Red Riding Hood” needs to be redone (which Chaos Dwarf would carry around a blue icy staff?).

Any comments much appreciated :hat off

/edit I’ve added a picture from the angle of the DE sorcerer.

The Slaver:

Wow! i love that sorceror with the dark emissary head! that exactly the look im going for. That smae style may show up on here someday…


My latest addition

Traitor King:

Another nice addition, this army just keeps getting better and better.

I assume they’re just ordinary orcs but the Hassut rune on the banner is especially nice!

Personly, i like the icy blue staff, its a good contrast and will realy stand out from the rest of your army.

Cant wait for the end result! (or the end times, but thats another matter).