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Afternoon all!

Im a bit rubbish when it comes to finishing projects (still havent finished those damn bretonians from my 1000 point WFB challenge against Starscream…) but I figured I have enough converted & painted Chaos Dwarves to fields a legal army (though a very small one), and that I would put some pictures up.

I havent based them yet (have glued sand to the base of my bull centaurs, but thats all) as i havent decided whether to base them like all my other armies, or whether to have a try at lava bases… im tempted by lava bases, cos ive seen some fantastically good examples, but im worried that a poor finish will ruin models that im otherwise 100% chuffed with.

anyways, without further ado, here is my progress so far (started the infantry this time last year, did the bull centaurs about a year before that).

this is my unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors, with shields & full command. The ogre unit filler was inspired by several people on here, i just cant remember exactly who! im intending on painting the rune of hashut on the banner at some point too.

this is my blunderbuss unit - as you will see in one of the other photos, im currently working on another 4 of these, plus a unit filler… in the shape of an ogre with a shoulder mounted bazooka!

thanks to Kera for trading me the dwarf thunderer’s i needed to make these! and thanks to all the guys who have given me their militia blunderbuss arms too!

my bull centaurs - had a great time converting these - some of you may remember the blog i did to show how i made them. im planning on sculpting a replacement unit in the near future, and using these as spares, as im not too happy with how the legs came out (and i want to sculpt on more armour, to refelect the chaos armour upgrade from the Indy GT book)

these are my two Chaos Dwarf Heroes - The one on the left I usually use as a unit champion for my warriors. the one on the right is gonna get “demoted” to an immortal when i finish the unit… they will look just like him, with their gold helmets showing their elite status.

finally my army so far - you can see the warriors, blunderbuss and imortals here, plus my bull centaurs & pile’o’gubbins im using to make more (like to keep all my bits in the same cabinet or i end up losing them!). you can also see (though its a terrible angle… sorry!) my deathrocket WIP, between the warriors & blunderbuss.

unfortunately ive run out of greenstuff and havent the spare coins to buy more at the present moment in time, but once i do, i will hopefully pull out the proverbial finger and get more work done.

so there we have it! hope you like these, and any constructive feedback is very welcome! be nice!

oh, and if anyone can give me help with how to replicate great looking lava bases, id be in your debt!

chow for now!


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent. Very nicely constructed and well painted. I particularly love the skin-tone. Not sure how you’ve managed it, but it’s beyond perfect, so many kudos for that!

Which way up will your rune go? Will you paint anything onto the ogre’s shield?

The militia blunderbuss arms seem to work much better than the dwarf thunderer ones, so bonus there!

Regarding the bull centaurs, you could always make a video tutorial on how to make them? I think that’d be pretty damned cool! (Also, if I can get some cash together, I’d be more than willing to buy those BCs from you, if you didn;t want them as spares, lol :stuck_out_tongue: )

If all of your Immortals look similar to that, they shall certainly be intimidating :wink: Will they all have that skull helmet or just any helmets? Any ideas on how to do the Immortal champion?

What’re your plans for a character once the current two are drafted in as champion and Immortal respectively?

Death rocket is coming along well, although it’s hard to see if how far along it is from this angle. If not, what will you add? Any specific plans for the crew?

Regardless, it looks like you’re going to have a very solid core for your army, particularly in smaller points games. any ideas as to how you’ll expand it?

As for lava bases, you could check through Word of Hashut, as I believe there’s a tutorial in one of those (although I can’t recall whom by or which issue). I would recommend trying to do lava bases because it’ll help to add a nice strong, yet fitting and complementary, contrast colour to the models.

A couple of constructively aimed criticisms (that I’m forcing myself to try and find :smiley: ) are that you may consider paiinting the fuses on the blunderbusses a different colour, such as black (then at the tip, a little blood red, golden/sunburst yellow, then skull white) and possibly the stocks of them as well. With the warriors, in an attempt to help add a “spot” colour, have you considered something on the shields? Nothing major, just a pencil-line thin streak of yellow lightning (or something more suitable as I doubt that would fit): the key would be to keep it minimal, so maybe a rim of liche purple (so it goes metal trim, pencil-thin circle of red, pencil-thin circle of purple, main shield background as is)? Not necessary, but a consideration. Bull centaurs: if you’re going to replace them, not much point in me trying to find any faults, but it’d be similar to the warriors (just break any large blocks of colour. Tattoos/runes of Hashut seared into the bull-flesh, the trim of the drum, etc…).

Overall damned fine job and I eagerly await more completion!


thanks Mr HB.

Yeah, Im intending on using the skull helmet as a theme for my Immortals, and Ive got a Big Skull Mask thats just the right size for an Ogre’s face when I get round to doing my unit filler. I need another 4 of those skull masks if any one has any spare… hint hint… you only get one per box of warriors unfortunately. Not sure what to do about a unit champion yet though.

I was thinking the same thing about the warriors, but I dunno whether to put a rune on all the shields, or to go for yellow lightning, as i agree they are all very “bland” as its all dark tones.

Well I tried doing the thunderer handgun with a buckler on the end trick that so many have done well on here, buyt I hated the end result, I just couldnt get it to work for me. And as chance has it, I was assembling militia at the time and saw the blunderbuss on their sprue and though id try it. Im really happy with how it turned out, as they didnt need much extra work on them compared to the warriors.

Well, I was gonna make the death rocket look like the classic one, but I havent really got round to doing anything but making the carriage out of a skull pass cannon with the barrel and all the runes removed.

Not sure about characters. I like the way people have turned the cannon crew into sorcerors, so I will probably give that ago and see if i can tweak them to be a bit more unique rather than straight copies of other’s ideas. Really not sure how to go about the characters if im honest. I did have a taurus & lammasu, but i recently sold them to Time of Madness, they just didnt fit in with the style of my models.

Will try & keep you posted on updates as and when i have them. Though your welcome to make an offer for those Bull Centaurs if you want them Mr HB, will give me time to consider how to make new, improved and even better ones!


Those are some very cool dwarfs,

looks very promising! :hat off



I like like how things are shaping up! Nicely done.

Nice Ikea glass cabinet, too. :stuck_out_tongue:


The Word of Hashut issue 2 has a full tutorial on painting lava bases by Thommy H. It’s got everything you need to know to make one up in it. (It was a pretty good article hobby wise)

I know it’s not your original idea but you have given me a good idea for my unit of warriors. I don’t really want to have to buy a 3rd BfSP just for the extra warriors and the unit fillers are a good idea to bypass it all together

I really like the army


thanks guys, i really appreciate the feedback!

got myself some greenstuff at the weekend, so im planning on trying to bulk out the blunderbuss unit (then i can pick the best 5 for golden hat!).

and 10 points to Xander for noticing where I get my cabinets!

I will check out that lava base tutorial then, and i will give it a go… wish me luck!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Not a problem, glad to see some of your CDs finally :wink:

Sounds like it should work. I think all of my skull-helms are currently on Chaos Warriors, but I’ll happily switch them if I have enough for it to be worthwhile for you :smiley: Will you use an ordinary Ogre Bull or maybe an Iron Gut for the Immortal unit filler? For the unit champion, maybe use the same skull-helm, but add horns and spikes to the beard, add a bigger axe-head (think Grimgor Ironhide’s size) and embellish it, etc etc.

You could always go with both or merge the two together… Maybe have the angled sides of the rune be lightning bolts?

Personally, I doubt that I could ever get the bucklerbuss to work for me either, although I love other people’s versions of it :smiley: I’m glad that you managed to luck out with that too, although it must’ve been difficult to get all of those guns. Planning to make many more blunderbussers? I eagerly await your entry into GH :wink:

Do you plan to make any additions to the death rocket and if so how?

Well, I can give you pointers on the crewman-sorcerer conversion (since I came up with it first ^^ ) and have a couple of ideas (and methods that I’ve practiced :smiley: ) for other sorcerers if you want some more ideas? What characters do you plan to have and armed with what? Hobgoblin Hero on wolf with Armour of the Furnace and shield? Bull Centaur Hero etc etc? Maybe Rykarth the Unbreakable? Let us know and we can help ^^ Any plans to ever make a fitting Great Taurus/Lammassu for the army?

You’d better keep us updated! I shall make an offer when I find a job so that I can afford them, lol :smiley:

P.S. He only knew because he just bought one or is planning to for Games Day! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Excellent work… but we need more close-up pics and angles!! I’d particularly like to see some of the conversions closer up and some of the pre-painted pieces too :wink:



Great work on converting the army, i really like the ogre unit fillers they look very cool, keep up the great work :slight_smile:


I forgot to add thanks for saying that you had already done a thread about how you made your Bull centaurs. I’ve been very hesitent to play with them (plus I can’t seem to get a knack for them) as I never thought I would be able to convert them as alot of the people here convert them using the bull centaur 5ed models. I noticed myself that the ordinary horses/ponies were just a little too big. I don’t play LotR’s so I would never have known about those horses if you hadn’t posted it in that blog. Thanks a bunch. And lots of luck with the bases


thanks again buddies.

did a little bit of sculpting last night so i will get some more photos to show my immortals close up, so you can see how poor my sculpting is (and therefore, how great my painting must actually be to hide the tacky workmanship!).

@ MR HB - I was considering making a new unit champion for my regular warriors, and using the hero/champion with the silver skull helm as the immortal champion - all i would need to do is repaint his helmet in bronze, and sulpt a cloak on his back - saw a pretty good “how to” thread on the conversions section a while back on making cloaks, and ive used the technique a few times to great success!

and yeah, i was planning on making an Chaos Dwarf Irongut with a two handed axe with a double blade, same as the immortals he accompanys. Ive got to make 4 blunderbuss & the unit filler at least, but in the long run, im planning on having two units, as they scare the pants off everyone i know!

i cant decide whether to make a death rocket on a ramp on wheels (which is what im currently trying to achielve, or to have one that launches straight up in the air, but carried on a carriage with a launch cradle on it, similar to how a space shuttle stands on it’s engines to launch.

characterwise, i like the idea of a hobgoblin character, especially one on a wolf (i like taking the gauntlets & the sword of might to turn him into a str 6 warmachine killer) but i figure i should concentrate on my CDs first. Any tips you could give to make a pair of sorcerers would be great! im not too bothered about making a lammasu (though i have an idea in my head how to do so), but i would consider a taurus. the only problem i can see, is that with having such small legs, how the hell could a cd ride such a creature!

Hashut’s Blessing:

That makes sense and is a quick and easy swap to sort out :wink: Glad to hear that it’s been a success ad isn;t too difficult for you to sort out :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds awesome :smiley: What skull mask is it that you plan to give him and how will you make the axe for him? Not many BBs left to go: will their unit filler be a Leadbelcher or something else? Two units are great, especially next to each other: people either stay away or get multiple units hit or get multiple hits on a unit :smiley: I destroyed 750 points of Undead with one unit in a siege game with a single shot :smiley:

Why not make one of each? Always fun to do and then you can choose each game or even take two :wink: I would say that the first should be on a carriage with wheels to help it stand out more and it’s easier to sort out than the planning for the standing version (which also sounds cool :smiley: ).

Well, to make a Hobgoblin Hero on wolf, you can always use a 6th edition metal Cold One Rider (I may have some left floating about from when I used their steeds as wolves :smiley: ), maybe a head swap though so you can tell it’s a hobgoblin and not a DE, lol. As for CD sorcerers, what lore/lores are you looking at using? Plan to reveal the ideas for the lammasu? Can’t hold out on us after all :smiley: How to ride it? Build a fighting platform, of course! ^^


@ Mr HB

well as you can see from the photo, the unit filler for the blunderbuss armed warriors, is an orge carrying a shoulder mounted bazooka! he is still very much WIP. Although a few of the ogre heads are squinty eyed, which i think would look good if ia make a cross hair & stick it on the side, would make it look like he is using the “viewfinder” to aim his rocket.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sorry, I’d forgotten about that one, somehow, lol :smiley: If you plan to have another Ogre unit filler in the other BB unit, you could consider using the Ogre Bellower’s hand to hold the rocket launcher steady and have the rocket exploding out of it and the lighting stick dangling from a rope on his wrist. Could double up as another (3?!?) death rocket if needs be, lol :smiley: How do you plan to make the cross-hairs?