[Archive] Chaos Dwarves for sale


Hi guys,

I’ve got some old Chaos Dwarves that I’m trying to sell but I’ve got no idea what they’re worth. I was recommended by someone to sign up on this site and post a thread so that’s exactly what I’m doing.

Here are some pictures of the two chaos dwarves I’ve got though:

Middle of the top row:


Second from left:


As I said I’ve no idea what they’re worth but I was told they’re quite old so was hoping someone might want them. Drop me a pm if you do.

Oh and the other dwarves in the pictures are also for sale if anyone is interested in those.


PM sent for samurai dwarf

Blue in VT:


My offer still stands for the 3 figures I mentioned over on CCM.



Give me a quick reminder of what that was and which three it was for.


... I mentioned over on CCM.

Blue in VT
I knew that I had seen these somewhere....but I couldn't remeber where....thanks Blue. :hat off