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hellbrandt grimm:

Hey Guys !!

And welcome in a thread who should be rather dynamic these next months

I introduce miself. My name is Nicolas PATEY, I’m 29 I’m French (what justifies my poor English level) and I worked at Games Workshop France for 7 years. First as K-timer in the Caen Store (in Normandy), next as Manager in Aix en Provence (south France) and to finish, nearly 5 years in the Event as painter. Then I left to open my own Store in my homeland, the Normandy.
So after 2 years, GW offer to me to upgrade my store and makes a “PREMIUM” store and I accept. So, as PREMIUM I must give the best to my customers :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I plan to build a Chaos Dwarf army the French Team Tournament next June, so here my first works…

An Infernal Guard Stand Bearer.

3 Infernal Guards before sculpting.

The First “Real” Testboy.

And first paint attempt.

In this step, only the shield and the helmet are finished, hope to finish it tomorrow.

Com are welcome.
See you,


Great sculpting on these!


Looks good!

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Very very nice. Not usually a fan of closed helmets but these look good!

hellbrandt grimm:


Here my “ended” testboy !!

See you,



Axesome work man seriously !

Keep posting !




Works really well as a mini chaos warrior

hellbrandt grimm:

Thank you everybody, I’m realy happy to see that you like my works…

Here is a new one, the eighth.

See you,