[Archive] Chaos Dwarves in Magic the Gathering


I have put together 78 basic Chaos Dwarf themed Magic the Gathering (MTG) cards. The idea needs lots or work and more cards if it would be done 100% but I feel I have a half working prototype.


Here is a zipped copy of what I made and some text documents explaining how they should be printed and a very basic overview of how to play MTG I just copy and pasted from a MTG PDF. I recommend using WINRAR to unzip it.

The set includes 6 creatures, 3 instants/sorceries, a basic land, a legendary land, a mono colour planeswalker and a dual colour planeswalker for each colour. (Very Basic)

Everything is power balanced differently to MTG and lacks play testing.

Here are some examples:

Any feedback would be great!


Haha! Thanks for the fun read on these!

particularly fond of good ol’ Fuggit’s card! :smiley:


Wow, quite the revision from the beta version! Brilliant work, evocative cards. Nice surprise to have become a slaving plainswalker as well. :smiley:


ha! nice! These look great! how do they play?! Have you used them yet?


Good to see people like the look of them. I haven’t used them yet but maybe in a few weeks I might get a chance to get them printed and sleeved.

I would like to do some other “expansion sets” that have some other CDO themed characters, but the main set needs refinements and some more cards, Amy feedback or recommendations are more than welcome!