[Archive] Chaos Dwarves with Swords?



I found the above while looking for spare bits. Does anyone know how these swords match up with chaos dwarves?


Nice looking swords. I am looking forward to the side-by-side pics.

I always did wonder what Chaos Dwarfs would look like with swords and hammers. If you do any conversions on Big Hats I would definately be interested in seeing the final result.

Da Crusha:

sorry to get your hopes up guys, I seem to have misplaced the sword bits.


I wont be doing any big hats, but I will post pictures as soon as I get them.


I wont be doing any big hats, but I will post pictures as soon as I get them.

I still look forward to seeing them. I think that Chaos Dwarfs will look very awesome carrying big-@ass swords.


my hope is that they are not too big. I want them to look like hand weapons, not great weapons. Though who knows, I may want to field a unit of great weapons. Right now I plan on fielding a 1000 point army of 19 warriors with hand weapons, A BSB in this unit, and 19 BB with Sorc in it, 3 death rockets and fill the rest of the points with Hob Gobbos (I am not trying ot make a good list or aanything I am just using the bits that I have right now)

Expect pictures in about 2 weeks

Da Crusha:

these are sheathed swords though. are you going to remove the details to make them look more like unsheathed swords?


these are sheathed swords though.

Da Crusha
I was wondering much the same. I think they wouldn't be out of place on the models size-wise though.

Pyro Stick:

I think they might be a bit too big for chaos dwarfs. Unless you strap them across their backs as Greatswords. That would look pretty good as a unit.


They are probably too big for hand weapons, and yes, they are sheathed, so they’re really too chunky to be wielded as they are. Some of the classic minis have curved swords though, so they might fit. As said, you could probably stick them to the backs of a unit with HWs so they can also be used as GW warriors.


I think if you pop then on their backs, and make a cool weapon and cut the hilt off the back sword to make it a sheath, then it would certainly look cool.

Give it a go!

Blue in VT:

CDs with swords…sure its been done…here are a few of mine that have swords

I think they look awesome

I look fwd to seeing how yours turn out if you decide to proceed.




To answer the questions, yes I do plan on carving off the detail of the sheath. The other thing I could do is mount them on the back and have the count as warriors with great weapons, or to get more use, magnetize them to the backs. My local meta is really WYSIWYG. If you guys have ever read the yesthetruthhurts blog then you can get a pretty good idea of my local meta, as that is my local meta.